1. Betty and Grandmother

    Betty and Grandmother

    photo: bandini from morguefile papers: Sunflowers by Stacey Sansom stitch: "Grateful4U" CT Appreciation kit by jbullock font: American Typewriter
  2. Daisy


    photo: Max Bolotnikov from flickr paper: Daisies by Stacey Sansom flower: Vintage Florals by Shabby Princess font: Courier New
  3. Wedding


    photo: originalmulli [naomi] from flickr everything from "Faded Romance" by Stacey Sansom font: Marydale
  4. Wonder


    photo: originalmulli [naomi] from flickr quote: "April's Quotes" by Shelly Chua template: Round Shapes Pack 01 by Gabi Butcher everything else "Faded Romance" by Stacey Sansom
  5. Dandelion Girl

    Dandelion Girl

    photo: Anita Patterson from morgueFile everything from: Simply Lush by Stacey Sansom font: Marydale
  6. Johanna


    photo: diggerdanno from morguefile paper and frame: Summer Delights by Stacey Sansom flower border: Shabby Sunflowers by Jen Maceyunas font: julie girl's talk
  7. Pumpkin Sitting

    Pumpkin Sitting

    paper and overlay: Summer Delights by Stacey Sansom photo: Dee Golden ribbon: Falling for Fall by Christine M. Stone paper frame: Spinning Wheels by Stacey Sansom overlay for frame: Aquarium Delight by Stacey Sansom font: Futura