redo challenge

  1. Digging Punk

    Digging Punk

    Made for the Redo lay out challenge I never was satisfied about the old lay out, that wordart ruined that cute and funny photo.. Translation journaling Punk digs Wolf a Hole..right into his snout! "Punk loved digging. Everywhere there was something to dig. In the garden, on the beach and in...
  2. Day 4-Redo page

    Day 4-Redo page

    Redoing this one: https://oscraps.com/community/media/memem.294353/ Photo by Yan Krukov: Through Pexels Vicki Robinson Artful Expressions 03 Torn Papers Home For The Holidays Oscraps Collab Mega Kit
  3. Day 4- Redo a Layout | CHALLENGE

    Day 4- Redo a Layout | CHALLENGE

    I had to choose from my first 10 layouts in the gallery: https://oscraps.com/community/media/annalift-challenge-11-11-22-11-26-22.371163/ I am using: Anna Aspnes Artsy Transfers Jouer Anna Aspnes Designs ArtPlay Palette Frondescence Anna Aspnes Designs ArtPlay MiniPalette Lagom Anna Aspnes...
  4. DAY 4 - Redo a Layout | CHALLENGE

    DAY 4 - Redo a Layout | CHALLENGE

    I choose this page: https://oscraps.com/community/media/november-challenge-2-heritage.370529/ Sleigh Ride by Viva Artistry Do It For You | The Complete Mixed Media Collection by Rachel Jefferies & Little Butterfly Wings
  5. Day 10 Redo a lay out Challenge

    Day 10 Redo a lay out Challenge

    I loved it when I made it but I didn't like the silhouette on the left any more. Also changed the word art, made the danser smaller and used some twirl filters (on transfers). I changed the opacity of the word paper and searched on pexels for a danser.. and got it an edge
  6. Day 10 Redo Layout

    Day 10 Redo Layout