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    01 Today.jpg

  2. BE Lost In A Book

    BE Lost In A Book

  3. Without Books

    Without Books

    Created using January Featured Product The World Is A Book Bundle by Manu Design Studio
  4. 5 Recent Reads

    5 Recent Reads

    This is the second mini project for my new visual journal project
  5. Books are the Cat's Pajamas-LAD-Making-Mask-Challenge

    Books are the Cat's Pajamas-LAD-Making-Mask-Challenge

    Granddaughter loves to be read to and adores books!
  6. GoodThings, Learning to Love Books

    GoodThings, Learning to Love Books

    It's funny what images trigger the memories. When I saw the cross-stitching on the paper, I immediately thought about the sampler that my grandmother made my cousin and me do. My cousin finished hers and of course I never finished mine. Photo of my cousin and me (curly hair) when we were 3.
  7. Beautiful


    My daughter reading a book in our back yard. Evitangel kit by Heather Manning and Dawn Inskip
  8. Book Worm Gone Yoicks

    Book Worm Gone Yoicks

    My DS has become obsessed with reading all due to a wonderful book series called "The Guardians of Ga'Hoole" by Kathryn Lasky. Now he begs to read longer "PLLUEEEASE mom, one more chapter." Now I'm not complaining, since what more could any parent wish than a child's love for...
  9. Our Reading Nook

    Our Reading Nook

    Credits: Blythe Evans "Forces of Nature PP" and "Scattered Grungy Frame Clusters" Both available at OAKS Michele Coleman - Alpha Darcy Baldwin - Alpha Katie Periet - Safety Tag LJCrochet - ribboned clip Traci Murphy Drop Shadows