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  1. August Rachel Jefferies Mixed Media Challenge

    August Rachel Jefferies Mixed Media Challenge

    I used lots and lots of elements to make my collage. Rachel Jefferies Viridian Basic Backgrounds: Viridian - Basic Backgrounds by Rachel Jefferies | Oscraps Rachel Jefferies Veridian Collage Bits and Mixed Media Artistry: Viridian - Collage Bits & Mixed Media Artistry by Rachel Jefferies |...
  2. We Go Together

    We Go Together

    You know me, I can never resist to scrap some good (???) song lyrics LOL
  3. A forgotten boat

    A forgotten boat

    For August 2022 Challenge # 3 - Creative Photo Editing
  4. Evening Stroll

    Evening Stroll

    Urban and I went for a walk one evening last week, down by the lake at the camping ground here in our hometown. It was such a beautiful evening. Since it's been raining so much this month, it's nice to remember this lovely moment.
  5. Skatbon?


  6. Worth


    Yours truly anno 1984.
  7. The Pace Of Nature

    The Pace Of Nature

  8. Let New Adventures Begin

    Let New Adventures Begin

    Rachel Jefferies April Color Play - Viridian. My two littermate "granddogs" Ellie and Bailey - on the beach.
  9. Be Loyal

    Be Loyal

  10. The Pace Of Hope

    The Pace Of Hope

    Created For Rachel Jefferies : March 2022-April 2022 : ColorPlay Challenge : Viridian | The Complete Mixed Media Collection Another Gorgeous! collection by Rachel!...I really like all the luscious greens,teals! & natural browns!...and outdoors-y feel...
  11. Sea Horse

    Sea Horse

    I loved this sea horse when I saw it in the shop! I made waves by blending and masking a lot papers from Vicki Stegall and did the displace filter to get those waves. I made my displace map from a striped pattern I made myself (and thanks to Deke McClelland) I also did a swirl filte.
  12. 4 April 2022

    4 April 2022

    Look what I woke up to today!
  13. pace of nature

    pace of nature

    Spring Fling Sale - save 30% - 50%
  14. the pace of nature

    the pace of nature

    Color Play March - 50% through Monday https://www.oscraps.com/shop/digital-scrapbook-color-play-coordinated-packs/ Rachel Jefferies March 2022 Color Play Challenge - ends April 25th https://oscraps.com/community/threads/rachel-jefferies-march-2022-color-play-challenge-ends-april-25th.35259/
  15. Viridian