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  1. Variegated Roses

    Variegated Roses

    Note: PSCC To the brush layers I set the blend mode to color burn set fill at 88% to allow the brushes to burn into the layers below allowing the browns to come through. I also blended 2 papers together for the background mm paperie 8 & 9... 8 is the layer above 9 and I added a black to...
  2. it's the little things

    it's the little things

  3. Little Things

    Little Things

    created this for the June 2023 Color Palette Challenge https://oscraps.com/community/threads/june-challenge-7-color-palette.37708/
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  5. Lilliputian Pocket Art Cards - 52 Inspirations

    Lilliputian Pocket Art Cards - 52 Inspirations

    Using the pocket art cards as part of the 52 Inspiration subscription.
  6. It's The Little Things

    It's The Little Things

    Created using: Lilliputian | The Complete Mixed Media Collection by Rachel Jefferies
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  8. Living my best life

    Living my best life

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  9. Roses


    May Color Play
  10. Lilliputian