rachel jefferies be that girl

  1. I'm Here

    I'm Here

    The Cooper's Hawk visited again on Wednesday...
  2. Day 10 of 12 Days of December

    Day 10 of 12 Days of December

    I scrapped these pictures from one of our New Year's Eve parties in 2016. They had a really fun Photobooth set up with all kinds of props. I used Rachel Jefferies Be That Girl Mixed Media Signature Collection, which is also part of the October Color Play.
  3. If I Were Paper Scrapping...

    If I Were Paper Scrapping...

    Lol... I started this page aiming for a nice notebook-style layout with realistic shadows and all... but trying to get real got a little too real - my daughter came to see what I was doing and told me that real crafting looks messier (she'd know) - with bits of papers and pencils and scissors...
  4. YES!


    So many gorgeous kits hit the store last Friday as part of november ColorPlay collection, choosing one to work with wasn't easy so I chose Be That Girl by Rachel Jefferied because the title echoes the million conversations I've been having with my daughter recently. The kit didn't have Rachel's...
  5. Today!! I’m that Girl!!

    Today!! I’m that Girl!!

    I completed this for the Rachel Jefferies November 2022 Mixed Media Challenge https://oscraps.com/community/threads/2022-11-rachel-jefferies-november-mixed-media-challenge.36511/#post-644637
  6. Tree Frog

    Tree Frog

    Funny we didn't find him in a tree - LOL ---------------------------------------------------- Join us for Rachel Jefferies November Mix Media Challenge [Only 1 flower used. Used paper pieces, word art, thread, paint, stamp, staple, sequins and small cropped photo.]
  7. My Girl

    My Girl

    I completed this for the Rachel Jefferies October 2022 Color Play Challenge https://oscraps.com/community/threads/2022-10-rachel-jefferies-color-play-challenge-ends-nov-21st.36483/
  8. Be That Girl

    Be That Girl

  9. Be That Girl

    Be That Girl

  10. Hummingbird


    I love the zoom on my camera! The top photo with the circle around the Hummingbird shows you how far away I was and the main photo is the 20x Zoom photo :)
  11. 22-10_rjefferies-be that girl

    22-10_rjefferies-be that girl

    Color Play October - 50% through Monday https://www.oscraps.com/shop/digital-scrapbook-color-play-coordinated-packs/