1. Grows - PAISLEE PRESS


    COMING SOON to the oscraps store. This new Kit from PAISLEE PRESS called Twiggy Berry is just so delicious! I love her twig designs and Ilayered two here to create a tree. Look for the sale this week where you can buy Twiggy Lime and Twiggy Berry together and receive a free gift.
  2. Sweet  -  PAISLEE PRESS


    I just got my hands on the newest kit by PAISLEE PRESS and I am just LOVING IT so much! The leaves and flowers are perfect! I can't wait to do more with these amazing papers and embellishments. Tis is a photo of me and my youngest this past Mother's Day. All elements are from the TWIGGY...
  3. Happly Ever After -  PAISLEE PRESS

    Happly Ever After - PAISLEE PRESS

    I just got my hands on the newest kit by PAISLEE PRESS and I am just LOVING IT so much! The leaves and flowers are perfect! I can't wait to do more with these amazing papers and embellishments. These are photos of my BIL and his fiance which i took for their wedding invites last week. They...
  4. Happiness is the smile on your face

    Happiness is the smile on your face

    Happy As A Lark by Paislee Press Fonts: New Courier and CAC Pinafore
  5. Perfection


    This is my last one for the challenge...I swear!! :) This is one of my absolute favorite pictures of my youngest DD, Payton, taken at 6 weeks. I had to play around with the blending for a while before I was happy with what I got. TFL!! Papers - Paislee Press Fresh Linens Antique, Fei-fei's...
  6. Flower Picker

    Flower Picker

    I just love this picture of my DS handing me his precious flower that he picked for me. This was taken back in 2005, but I still remember every day when we went to pick up his big sister from pre-school we would walk by this big bush full of flowers, and it never failed...he would always pick...
  7. Stuck In The Middle

    Stuck In The Middle

    Love this picture of my DD and her great grandparents. She doesn't look too thrilled to be sandwiched in between them...but it makes me smile:) TFL!! Papers - Paislee Press Fresh Linens Scroll Stamp - Paislee Press Ink Blots Vol 4 Stitching - Jen Wilson Stitching Brushes Journaling: you...
  8. The Perfect Present

    The Perfect Present

    I so totally LOVE the look on my DD's face in this pic. She just turned 3, 2 weeks ago and I was certain that I had gotten her the best presents!! But it wasn't so...I was outdone by a handmade lollipop that my oldest DD gave to her. She was in absolute heaven!! It only goes to show that money...
  9. Honestly


    This was taken as my DD was asking her daddy for her other birthday presents...as usual, he couldn't resist her!! TFL!! Papers - TaylorMade Designs Ambiguous Paper Pack Frame - Paislee Press Fresh Linens Kit Scroll Stamp - TaylorMade Designs & Paislee Press B-Side Collab Kit Fonts -...
  10. inspire


    a great challenge, great template, great freebies!! thanks liz! my son is my endless source of inspiration. i love his little mischievous grin!! TFL!! Credits: Fresh Linen Kit, Press Plate No.2, Ink+Blot Vol. 4 all by Paislee Press (here at Oscraps!)
  11. Heaven in a Wild Flower

    Heaven in a Wild Flower

    My second LO for the Designer Spotlight Challenge. Had a lot of fun with the challenge and crop!! This is one of the pics of my oldest DD's 3 yr old photo shoot...sniff, so long ago!! Papers - Paislee Press Fresh Linens Template - Paislee Press Plate No2 Frame - Rhonna Farrer Swirled Frames...
  12. Daddy's Girl

    Daddy's Girl

    Did this for the designer's spotlight challenge...Liz is the featured designer this week for Paislee Press!! I was so excited because I just ADORE her designs!! I came home one afternoon and found my DD snuggled up to her Daddy...and this doesn't just happen every day...she is totally a momma's...
  13. the innocence of childhood

    the innocence of childhood

    this is me when i was about 5, on my favorite thing in the world, my rope swing... paper, frame - Fresh Linen - Paislee Press branch - Shabby Miss Jenn text backround - HappyScrappy butterflies - NBK overlay - Scrappy Smiles rope - Raspberry Road Designs font - Cooper i still cant...
  14. Best Friends

    Best Friends

    papers and frame by paislee press out of fresh linens font is ck script program DIP10
  15. Believe


    It's for the What the crop? challenge at Oscraps. Here's my take on the challenge! It's a pic of my SO. TFL! -------------------- :::Credits::: @ Oscraps: French Linens by Paislee Press kit collab kit "Changes" by the Oscraps designers font: Pea Girly Girls Print
  16. Smell the Flowers

    Smell the Flowers

    My dog taking in the new scents on one of our country road trips. This layout is for Paislee Press Spotlight (April 28-May 04) #CHALLENGE 1 What the Crop? Layout Credit: Papers from Paislee Press' Fresh Lines Kit available for free throughout her Spotlight Frames from Alice's Gone Dotty...
  17. Perfect Harmony

    Perfect Harmony

    Perfect Harmony Paislee Press Spotlight Challenge What The Crop? I love this photo I took of this butterfly. the detail on his wings looks like birds feathers to me. I also love the detail of the dew drops on the leaves. Credits: oscraps Kit: Paislee Press ~ Fresh Linens...
  18. Discover


    Discover Paislee Press Spotlight Challenge Good Things Come in Small Packages You have to know that the title of this challenge just made me think of Diego~! hehe Diego. For this photo, he was mesmerized by a clover that Kheri was dangling in his face. Credits: oscraps Template...
  19. beautiful dancer

    beautiful dancer

    For the Paislee Press Crop Challenge Background is from Fresh Linens kit by Paislee Press. Ornament is by Ashalee Wall. B's Vanilla B & W II For PSE Photo Treatment Font is Typist.
  20. every-time


    Oh this statement could not BE any more true. I literally see my heart and soul when I look at my DS. TFL!! Credits: From the Heart Brush & Touch of Grey paper in Mineral (2) - coming soon!! by TaylorMade Designs Scroll stamp from the B-Side Kit by TaylorMade Designs + Paislee Press...