1. Dream big

    Dream big

    Realized with "ONE ZEE", collection by Foxeysquirrel
  2. Palette just with Teddi

    Palette just with Teddi

    Created with "One Zee- Vol 19-20" in the collection "Color Play 2023" and many elements in the same palette with : "Botanical Garden" + "Laoise" + "Kelpie" + Edgy Overlay" + "Laced Edge", all by Foxeysquirrel
  3. Light and darkness

    Light and darkness

    Realized with the collection :"ONE ZEE "- Vol 18-19-20by Foxeysquirrel
  4. One Zee-V.17

    One Zee-V.17

    New volume to the collection : "One Zee" _ Vol 17 mini kit by Foxeysquirrel Page created with all elements of V.17 and some other elements of the big collection.
  5. Tell me a story...

    Tell me a story...

    "Fantastic encounter in the winter forest !" Created with the collection : "ONE ZEE" - Vol 14 & 15 (new) and Vol 4 & 10 by Foxeysquirrel
  6. The magical theater

    The magical theater

    Created with : "OneZee" - V7-8 by Foxeysquirrel