1. Husband & Sister walking through giant crystals.

    Husband & Sister walking through giant crystals.

    November Challenge #2 - Heritage A photo from a family holiday in Byron Bay NSW 2014. I love visiting Crystal Castle when I’m staying in the area. It’s very relaxing & helps you become a bit more in the moment & mindful. The rare large crystals are amazing & it is also home to the only Stupa...
  2. Sweetest sun lovers

    Sweetest sun lovers

    November Challenge #7 - Word Art Summer is coming up & this photo of my niece & nephew was taken last summer. They look so different going into this summer.
  3. Momma O November 2022 Challenge

    Momma O November 2022 Challenge

    This is my entry for the Momma O November 2022 Challenge at O-scraps. PROCESS: I took a flower from the elements pack and used the PS Artistic filter watercolor on it, than I lowered the opacity so it blended nicely into the background. The rest is mostly layering and shadowing, also using the...
  4. Keep Messy

    Keep Messy

    November Challenge #5 - 52 Inspirations The woman’s face makes me want to go to the winter solstice at Stonehenge. She is having way too much fun! I thought this photo is perfect for the inspirations challenge.
  5. How do you pick up your chair if your face is a hand?

    How do you pick up your chair if your face is a hand?

    November Challenge #4 - Multi Photo I felt like something fun & a bit weird.
  6. 22-10-calendar-instagram-november


  7. Evil drama queen

    Evil drama queen

    The Evil Queen loves to create big productions that tends to frighten all the weird things in the forest. To me Evil Queens represent winter. It is something I’ve carried from childhood. I have memories of cartoons of Queens using snow to stop their enemies. My memory may have made that...
  8. Juliet


    Created using November Featured Products The Bard: Collection by Viva Artistry Book Of Memories - Kit by Manu Design Studio Photo: Unsplash
  9. Capture The Moment

    Capture The Moment

    Created using Nov. Featured Products Sensation (collection with FREE pack) by Simplette also used: Artsy Layered Template No. 272 Photos: My own
  10. Always On My Mind

    Always On My Mind

    Created For The November 2021 : Featured Challenge *I used 3 papers blended together to form the background...2 of the papers are the same...I recolored the dots on one so I had 2 different tones for texture & effect for blending...I put the 2 papers on top of each other & blended them...
  11. Leaves By The Hundreds

    Leaves By The Hundreds

    For AnnaColor Challenge 11.06.2021 -11.18.2021 Photo: Unsplash
  12. Cozy Autumn Days

    Cozy Autumn Days

    For November 2021 Designer Challenge by Mediterranka Design
  13. Wild November

    Wild November

    Created For The November 2021 : Challenge #2 : Color Palette Challenge : I Love! the Color Palette!...I'm a Big fan Of Turquoise!...And mixed with the other Fall Colors!...It makes for A Nice! fresh! mix of Color for November!... I had a lot of creative! fun!...Exploring the Face/s Of "Wild &...
  14. The lovely future!

    The lovely future!

    I thought about family & the one I made when I married my husband (Was before but i don’t have a set date on that. Lol.) We are partners & we both like to work towards having the best life we can together & that’s mostly just loving each other & the odd bit of jewellery. I hope it still counts...
  15. Memories Captured

    Memories Captured

    Done for the November Word Art Challenge #7 Journaling reads: Playing games with our kids was so enjoy- able as they grew up, so it is only natural to enjoy playing games with the grandkids!
  16. Joy In The Journey

    Joy In The Journey

    Created using Bright Outlook - All In One with FWP by Laitha Art Studio
  17. Always more

    Always more

    I’m inspired a lot by colours & patterns. They are a big part of my life & often mix patterns in a lot of different areas in life. Woman are very inspirational for me as well & I enjoy adding them into my pages.
  18. Autumn Artist

    Autumn Artist

    Done for the November Copy Cat Challenge Journaling reads: The Artist of Autumn also brings the Death of Winter. Both are necessary for the Beauty of Spring and the Fruitfulness of Summer! “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:1 I used...
  19. Snowball Fight

    Snowball Fight

    Done for the November Quote Challenge Journaling reads: Compared to the snowball Ryan was throwing, Grandpa Mark's was huge! Good thing it broke apart before it could be launched at Ryan!
  20. Issy & Dahlia

    Issy & Dahlia

    My two furry princesses. They both own me & I live to serve. Lol. Fluffy Dahlia is the black cat, she is sitting on my hobbies, on a cutting board & my bike helmet. Issy is the pretty girl on the nana blanket. I collect these blankets & I use them to fight the losing battle of cat hair...