1. Day 6 Silver Bells

    Day 6 Silver Bells

    My Aunt and my Grampa always loved "Silver Bells", and on Christmas Eve, they would sing it as a duet with my Grampa on the organ. Sounds weird, but it was beautiful! This song always brings a smile to my face and a remembrance of the both of them.
  2. AnnaColor: Christmas Nostalgia

    AnnaColor: Christmas Nostalgia

  3. My Grampa

    My Grampa

  4. 80s Hair

    80s Hair

    September Color Play
  5. Be Brave

    Be Brave

    This was prompted by the realization that so many "lasts" have passed! Credits: Vicki Robinson "Ticket to Anywhere" Vicki Robinson "Heartfelt Freebie 02" I used a plain background, the one with map lines, and one with the butterfly. I did linear blend on the butterfly, difference on the map...
  6. MLDesign-Nostalgia-Marie03.jpg


    Nostalgia by MLDesign used: cardstock, elements, accents
  7. MLDesign-Nostalgia-Marie01.jpg


    Nostalgia by MLDesign page by Marie used: Papers kit, elements, cardstock, accents
  8. Nostalgia.jpg


  9. Carla's Card

    Carla's Card

    Carla, May you take comfort in knowing that you are being lifted to God for your complete healing. -Deanna Patterson Credits Nostalgia kit and frame by Carla Gibson
  10. Challenge #2

    Challenge #2

    Credits: Carla Giibson Designs Isabella Paper Pack Bella Rose Paper Pack Nostalgia elements Old English Alpha