natali color play

  1. Autumn day

    Autumn day

    kit "Autumn Day" by Natali Photo by Darksouls - pixabay
  2. Bohemian-Waxwing.jpg


    I have seen many Cedar Waxwings around our area, but never this beautiful Bohemian one, the colours were perfect for this months Color Play products!! Thank you to cheeryO Rae, bcgal00 for the inspiration to do this page! I used Natali Design gorgeous Colour Play Kit for the Month of March -...
  3. Euphoria


    kit "Euphoria" by Natali Photo by ArtTower - pixabay
  4. Yourself


  5. End Of Summer

    End Of Summer

    August Color Play
  6. Summers-End.


    Such a gorgeous colour palette for this months Colour Play and Natali's portion is no exception! "The End of Summer" All in one collection.
  7. Come the Sun 01.jpg

    Come the Sun 01.jpg

  8. My Beautiful Whites

    My Beautiful Whites

    I love that my garden has lots of different colour, but this time of the year it is the White's time to shine and they are stunning this year! I used Lynn Grieveson Designs - "Spring Daze Digital Scrabooking Kit" Natalie Designs - "Lovely" Overlays and Palvinka Designs - "Beautiful New Day"...
  9. Challenge 1 Color Play.jpg

    Challenge 1 Color Play.jpg

  10. Challenge 2 White Space.jpg

    Challenge 2 White Space.jpg

    I added 1 butterfly, 1 mask,1 flower spray,1 frame,1 photo, 1 title
  11. Natali Color Play Forget Me Not

    Natali Color Play Forget Me Not

    Natali Designs Color Play - Forget Me Not is new in the store. This is one of the latest pictures of my daughter and her granddaughter (my great-granddaughter).