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  1. Dreams of Painting

    Dreams of Painting

    I have always dreamed of being a painter, but it's just never clicked. Yet.
  2. Create


    I used One Way City by Magical Reality. I blended one of my photos and used it as part of the background. I also wanted to continue the graphic look of the building in my photo to my whole page. Side note: I took this picture, several years ago, on slide film, and scanned the slide myself, so...
  3. No enter

    No enter

    One Way City by MagicalReality Designs
  4. Urban fantasy

    Urban fantasy

    One Way City by MagicalReality Designs
  5. One Way City

    One Way City

    What an awesome collection! I used our newest designer, Magical Reality Designs - One Way City. I did manipulate a few of the elements, to make them show up a little more, and changed the color of the two titles.