#magical reality designs

  1. Lost


    Loving The City of Many Visions 2 by Magical Reality Combined a png of one of my in-game avatars with elements from the kit then used some watercolor brushes etc to pull it together I meant to add a rainbow and forgot...
  2. BE Magia - MagicalReality1

    BE Magia - MagicalReality1

    July Challenge #7 - Quote to Word art https://oscraps.com/community/threads/july-challenge-7-quote-to-wordart.35743/
  3. BE Charmed Whispers1 MagicaReality

    BE Charmed Whispers1 MagicaReality

    July Challenge #6 - Copy Cat https://oscraps.com/community/threads/july-challenge-6-copycat.35716/ Lifting "The Road" by Hildy https://oscraps.com/community/media/the-road.319230/ Inspired by the large circle object, the path and the clouds in the background
  4. Finding Balance

    Finding Balance

    This layout is my way of WELCOMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...MagicalReality Designs!!!!...to the O Family!!!!!!!!!... Welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... I had some fun with recoloring MagicalReality Designs : NEW! & Exclusive! Free Mini : Available in her Amazing! store for a Limited Time!!!... The tones are...
  5. The Fairy, Her Pig, Sheep and Capricorn Goat on a Summer's Day

    The Fairy, Her Pig, Sheep and Capricorn Goat on a Summer's Day

    I love blues and it's been so hot here, 100+ temperatures, that water and blues always appeal. The clouds are my own. I used Magical Reality Designs for background and elements (Secret Woodlands) Foxey Squirrel's Imagine Sheep
  6. Surprises below the Sea

    Surprises below the Sea

  7. Lady Of The Lake

    Lady Of The Lake

    [subtitle: Blend Mode Frenzy]