1. Chase your Dreams

    Chase your Dreams

  2. World of Wonder

    World of Wonder

    PRE-RELEASE ‘Elfin Magic” colab Lynne Anzelc and Cheryl Budden. Discounted to Newsletter subscribers (not already a subscriber? Go to Lynne’s blog https://lynneanzelcdesigns.blogspot...xgte-Ihw2HlT9J_mAAk7_JLKygy5gatp0w1XnpTf1QyWI
  3. Pretty Fairy

    Pretty Fairy

  4. Magic is in You v2_SLK.jpg

    Magic is in You v2_SLK.jpg

    Just had to try a more magical background with this layout. Glad I did!
  5. Magical World

    Magical World

    This is a pre-release kit from a collab with Lynne Anzelc and Cheryl lee Budden, the kit is called EGGS-actly, you can get it if you subscribe to lynne anzelcs news letter, she will send you a link but check your spam folder as it might be in there Sign up can be found at the top of Lynne Anzelc...
  6. Pretty Princess

    Pretty Princess

  7. Perfect Moment

    Perfect Moment

  8. Princess Wedding

    Princess Wedding

  9. Fairy Princess

    Fairy Princess

  10. Flower Princess

    Flower Princess

  11. Pure Love

    Pure Love

  12. Fairies Fun

    Fairies Fun

  13. Where Fairies Live

    Where Fairies Live

  14. Pretty Fairy

    Pretty Fairy

  15. Fairy House

    Fairy House

  16. When Fairies Sing

    When Fairies Sing

  17. Belle Princesse

    Belle Princesse

  18. Beauty & the beast

    Beauty & the beast

  19. Garden of Eden

    Garden of Eden

  20. Wizard