1. The Cinema Page 3.jpg

    The Cinema Page 3.jpg

  2. The Cinema page 2.jpg

    The Cinema page 2.jpg

  3. The son of the sheik

    The son of the sheik

  4. Momma and Ducklings

    Momma and Ducklings

    Done for a challenge at Just Art Scrapbooking and received a GSO recognition!
  5. Dreams are forever

    Dreams are forever

  6. believing is magic

    believing is magic

  7. start believing in fairytales again

    start believing in fairytales again

  8. accepting ourselves

    accepting ourselves

  9. interesting meaningful life

    interesting meaningful life

  10. friends are the family

    friends are the family

  11. I am not weird

    I am not weird

  12. normal is overrated

    normal is overrated

  13. you can fly

    you can fly

  14. thousand miles

    thousand miles

  15. the beginning of wisdom

    the beginning of wisdom