lynne anzelc its a farm girl thing

  1. Windmills.jpg


    Created with Its A Farmgirl Thing kit by Lynne Ancels Designs.
  2. Lars And Gunilla

    Lars And Gunilla

  3. Down the Country Lane

    Down the Country Lane

  4. Farmgirl Thing

    Farmgirl Thing

    It's a Farmgirl Thing by Lynne Anzelc
  5. LAFamilyPortraitX.jpg


    Elements from: Solitude It’s A Farm Girl Thing Beautiful You Book Mania FLora and Fauna
  6. Kitty Reverie

    Kitty Reverie

    Kits used: It's a Farm Girl Thing, Come Fly, Autumn Past and Flower Children.
  7. Stampede on the Prairie

    Stampede on the Prairie

    Kits used: Winter's Embrace, It's a Farm Girl Thing, Secret Cove and Dare to Dream by Lynne Anzelc.