.#lynne anzelc designs

  1. Painting the seasons

    Painting the seasons

    Created with a free template by Timounette and "Autumn Expressions" by Lynne Anzelc For Chall #4 -October 23
  2. banner


    Banner created with JoyfulHeart designs and Viva Artistry designs and Lynne Anzelc designs Mixed styles
  3. Autumn Adventures

    Autumn Adventures

    Realized with "Autumn Adventures" by Lynne Anzelc & Cheryl Budden
  4. Challenge #2 Storybook.jpg

    Challenge #2 Storybook.jpg

    Hope you join the storybook Challenge with your favourite Nursery Rhyme.
  5. Nymphaeaceae


    "Lily Pond" Kit by Lynne Anzelc Designs (I got this amazing Kit for free with purchase)
  6. Gossip sshhhhh

    Gossip sshhhhh