#lynn grieveson templates

  1. Beach


    I initially intended to make this an artsy one-photo page and spent some time turning the big photo into a colored sketch and playing with brushes and blending modes... but then the practical me took over and decided I need to get some real-life scrapping done, so I used one of Lynn's Here and...
  2. Found


    Created for Challenge #5 - Heritage. A rare photo of myself as a baby... Photo from 1978 RE Process: I recolored some of the papers and elements from Lynn's kit by placing a paper from Vicki's kit above and changing blend mode to hue...
  3. Scenes From The Airport

    Scenes From The Airport

    The last time I flew was in July of 2019. We went to Oklahoma, on vacation and to see if we'd like to move there. Lynn Grieveson's Mapped Digital Scrapbooking Collection was perfect for my photographs.
  4. Paris x 5

    Paris x 5

    I added up how many times I had been to Paris ... to be fair, mostly when I lived in the UK and included a one day work trip where I only saw the inside of the UNESCO conference hall ;-). Still a surprise to work it out, and I am very lucky. Ahem .... I've also worked out it's cheaper to rent...
  5. Challenge-3-Quote-It-lgrieveson_herenow_tp-1.jpg


    Audrey Hepburn is one of my very favorites ever, so I had to use her quote. It's also one of my favorites, too. I don't often scrap pictures of my son, who passed away in 1991 but this silly picture of him was SO perfect for this quote. It's still too painful for me to scrap his pictures. He...
  6. Heatwave


    When I was in France in 2019 (travelling with my friends/neighbours and looking after their daughter who is disabled) there was a historic heatwave.
  7. Te Aro

    Te Aro

    A couple of the very different photos I can get on the street below my apartment :-)
  8. Windy seashore

    Windy seashore

    One of my favourite photos of my mum.