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  1. Hello NZ

    Hello NZ

    Exploring New Zealand shortly after arriving. Love the dresses my mother sewed for us, and we were very colour co-ordinated!
  2. Sunshine


    Nothing like the sun to wake up your inner child ... just having fun playing with my new Color Play collection :)
  3. Sweden


    Our home exchange home in Sweden - love the stars in all the windows. Winter can be really magical in Europe (not just grey and wet like here in New Zealand!)
  4. Stockholm


    The daughters and I in Sweden in the middle of winter :)
  5. Route 66

    Route 66

    We once drove right across the States, including running alongside the old Route 66
  6. We own the streets

    We own the streets

    DD was my photographer's assistant during our first (very strict) lockdown in New Zealand. We just to joke that we 'owned the streets' as it was kind of cool being able to walk around with no traffic.
  7. Cannes


    Photos from when I was in Cannes during the 2019 heatwave (piggybacking on my neighbour's home exchange trip and helping look after their disabled daughter).
  8. Sandfight


    Playing with DD and her friend at the beach
  9. Ice


    My daughter's pictures of a mountain trek with her Dad
  10. Route 66 Museum

    Route 66 Museum

    On a road trip right across the States
  11. Sweden


    Sweden on a sunny day in winter has to be the best place ever for photos
  12. Mangawhai


    A few days at the beach when DD was little :-)
  13. Fabulous at Four

    Fabulous at Four

    DD was (and is) such a joy :)