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  1. Hikers Hike.jpg

    Hikers Hike.jpg

    A wonderful, but very difficult hike for our group this past Wednesday! A bit of every different kind of terrain and perfect hiking weather! I used Vicki Stegall Designs - Featured Product "Wild and Free", "Day in the Life", "Lets Play Flowers" and "Ransom the Words 2" Template is from Lilach...
  2. Cuteness Overload {Udate}

    Cuteness Overload {Udate}

    New pictures of my grandpups, Ellie and Bailey - the fast-growing lab pups. One is chocolate and one is black. Lilach Oren Mess The Pockets 01: Digital Scrapbook Pack | Mess The Pocket Templates 01 by Lilach Oren | Oscraps Lilach Oren How Do You Feel Papers: Digital Scrapbook Pack | How Do You...
  3. Mess the Pocket Bundle 2

    Mess the Pocket Bundle 2

    Using template #5 from the bundle.
  4. Mother's Day 2022

    Mother's Day 2022

    Pictures from Mother's Day, 2022. Lilach Oren Mess The Pocket 02 Bundle (07) and Karen Schulz Vintage Spring.