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  1. Creative Techniques

    Creative Techniques

    Forever Love Digital Scrapbooking Bundle by Lilach Oren
  2. Family Could Be Better

    Family Could Be Better

    This is my entry for this month's Challenge No3 - heritage layout. The photos I have aren't great, but I was able to enhance them with Remini app. I spent quite some time trying to create a smooth and logical flow in my page to match the layout I created a while ago... , and finally decided to...
  3. Mess-the-Pocket13


  4. Our Journey Begins

    Our Journey Begins

  5. Challenge #6 Color Play.jpg

    Challenge #6 Color Play.jpg

  6. Da Boys!!

    Da Boys!!

    Our doggies!
  7. My Dog_02.jpg

    My Dog_02.jpg

    The sweetest tempered dog I have ever known. So gentle and quiet. I miss him every day.
  8. Everything Changed

    Everything Changed

  9. Love Is Everlasting

    Love Is Everlasting

  10. Hello Winter

    Hello Winter

    I used the beautiful new Cozy Winter Scrapbooking Collection by Lilach Oren Photo comes from Unsplash
  11. 23-01_lilacho-cozy-winter


  12. Cozy Winter

    Cozy Winter

  13. Cozy Winter

    Cozy Winter

  14. Cozy Winter

    Cozy Winter

  15. Hot Chocolate

    Hot Chocolate

    picture courtesy of PixaBay
  16. happy new year

    happy new year

    Happy new year to you and your family
  17. 2023 Calendar

    2023 Calendar

  18. Vintage Christmas

    Vintage Christmas

  19. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas

    I used the beautiful Vintage Christmas Collection by Lilach Oren Photo from Pixabay
  20. 22-12_LilachO_vintage-christmas