1. Not today!

    Not today!

    June Challenge #7 - Big Photo My day hasn’t gone well but creating this page did help & make me smile. So I’m happy I decided to join this challenge to make me stop taking things too seriously & distracted me.
  2. Break free

    Break free

    June Challenge #6 - Sketch Template
  3. Waiting for 16

    Waiting for 16

    DAY 3 June 13 - Number 16 | CHALLENGE The girl in the stamp is thinking of herself as 16, the brad is the past, with zygotes (I think). So growing from single cells to a one day 16 year old. It’s just a biological description & no other meanings. Also I use my husband as a prompt sometimes &...
  4. Tonnes of flowers for spring

    Tonnes of flowers for spring

    June challenge # 1 Color Play I love the colours & flowers so much & I’m in the Southern Hemisphere & just waiting for spring now I’m officially in winter.
  5. Funny Times

    Funny Times

    The Sydney comedy festival is in winter. I was thinking of what I do in winter & thought of freezing while I walk to a venue. I usually see comedians from around the world. Atm we are in lockdown so the poor comedian on my stage is talking to no one. Also no comedians from OS for a while. I have
  6. Rolling in rainbows

    Rolling in rainbows

    I’ve been exploring music from before my time & loving it. This song is a favourite & it plays in my head a lot. It makes me feel really happy when I listen to it. Title fonts are the song title & a lyric I love & the journaling are the repeated lyrics in the song which I really love.
  7. Let’s Dance

    Let’s Dance

    I find dancing makes me feel totally free.
  8. Softness is . . .

    Softness is . . .

    Fonts used: Journaling - Birch Std; Title - Lettuce & ClementePDaa
  9. mediterranka

    June collection by Mediterranka Design - Chapter 6/June

    Hello everybody, my June collection is available here. On sale until the end of June. BUY HERE Add-on is free until the end of the month. GRAB IT Subscribe...
  10. Circus


    Mark and I at a theme evening on a cruise ship about 2 years ago. Credits: Cirque du Snap and Scrap: Snap and Scrap June Collab available as a free daily download and challenge kit in June Template challenge 11 freebie: Chrissy W