1. Winter Chill

    Winter Chill

    Winter Is upon us!...The Cold & Snow have set in!...So why not Get All Bundled-Up!!! & try to get Outside & Have some Winter Fun!...& Then Scrap about it!!!... Created With The New! For December 2021 : Winter Journal By Vicki Robinson
  2. You Are Here

    You Are Here

    For Vicki Robinson November Challenge using: Ticket To Anywhere Collection by Vicki Robinson Photo: My own
  3. GoodThings, Learning to Love Books

    GoodThings, Learning to Love Books

    It's funny what images trigger the memories. When I saw the cross-stitching on the paper, I immediately thought about the sampler that my grandmother made my cousin and me do. My cousin finished hers and of course I never finished mine. Photo of my cousin and me (curly hair) when we were 3.