1. September Heritage challenge- oops the 90s

    September Heritage challenge- oops the 90s

    I know 90s fashion has returned. I was going for a 90s retro grungy feeling with sort of magazine feel. The photo has been altered & I went for a bad quality magazine print. Pre smart phone selfie photos. We still posed. A friend took the photo with my disposable camera. Lol. So this is...
  2. AnnaColor - Strong and Courageous

    AnnaColor - Strong and Courageous

    Layout for the 9/10 Anna Color Challenge. Used the following products from Anna Aspnes: Artsy template No297 ArtPlay palette Notabilia Patriarch Word Art
  3. Summer 71 Boat Ride

    Summer 71 Boat Ride

    Created for Challenge #6– Heritage 9/1/71= Summer of 71, My bff and I on her parents boat. It wasn’t long after that, we were trained enough to take the boat out ourselves at only age 16
  4. Traces of Us

    Traces of Us

  5. The Gift of Hugs

    The Gift of Hugs

    My husband and his dad, one of the few photos we have.
  6. The-Russian-Empress.jpg


  7. Kijkduin-74


    Made for the Heritage Challenge. photos are from 1974 (I was 6 , my brother 4) I used the Sphere filter (and some brush and Burn tool work) to get those balls. The Big photo was treated with the posterize filter
  8. Take Me Back

    Take Me Back

    Photo ~ 1950
  9. we did it

    we did it

  10. Elizabeth


    I don't know much about this woman, my great great grandmother. But I felt she deserved a page by herself in my heritage album. After all she did bear 14 children!
  11. My-brother-Eugene.jpg


    This is a picture of my older brother, taken in 1967. He was 20 years old at the time and was serving in the army.
  12. My mum Valentina-1955.jpg

    My mum Valentina-1955.jpg

    This is a picture of my mother. She worked as a teacher in a school. And one of the students took a picture of her in the schoolyard. It was 1955.
  13. Stay


    Recently was searching for some old photos and came across one from Ireland, my grandfather's two brothers (one was his twin). My grandfather left home (it was rumored that he was wanted by the law). His younger brother Paddy was imprisoned for his activities in the IRA (later released).
  14. Anna Color Challenge - Laura

    Anna Color Challenge - Laura

    Layout for the Anna Color Challenge of 2/12/21.
  15. Idgie

    Hello Everyone

    I am so very sorry it has taken me so long to get in here and introduce myself - I forgot how long everything takes until one gets acclimated and things have changed a bit since I last designed for Heritage Scraps. My name is Laurie aka Idgie of Idgie's Heartsong - Scarps in the Key of Life. I...
  16. digiscrapper

    Family Tree Album

    I am working on a family tree album which will date back to the Revolutionary War. I am trying to stick to one lineage at a time, but I don't know how to handle the histories of the other lines that marry into the main line. I have offset some shorter stories by using large parenthesis around...
  17. Betty and Grandmother

    Betty and Grandmother

    photo: bandini from morguefile papers: Sunflowers by Stacey Sansom stitch: "Grateful4U" CT Appreciation kit by jbullock font: American Typewriter
  18. Lianna ~ C. 1972

    Lianna ~ C. 1972

    Kit is Sweet Made's Retro Crush available at AshaleeAndSweet.com. Font is Wright
  19. Anna and Jacob

    Anna and Jacob

    Anna Berger and Jacob Aspines - Black River Falls, WI; early 1890s photos: Wisconsin Historical Society from flickr Quick Page and tag: K-Joi Studios June Collaboration Kit: Father's Day by BuzyBee Designs font: KGD KristyScript
  20. Enjoy Life!

    Enjoy Life!

    My grandparents, they so loved to travel. Credits: Template and wordart from Redesigned #8 by Sue Cummings at Oscraps