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  1. Friends


    My Mom had this picture of me with my friend Lori when we graduated from Brownies. I look at this picture now and wonder why I thought I was the fattest kid in the world, and why I got teased so much for being fat. Yeah, I had a few pounds on me, but I wasn't obese in any way. This got me...
  2. 3 Year Old Me

    3 Year Old Me

    I found this picture in my Mom's things and it was so faded and all ripped up on the edges. I scanned it in and cropped out what I could of the rips. Then I tried to color correct it, but it just wasn't working, so I desaturated the photo and then put a sepia filter on it, and crisped it up with...
  3. Défi AnnaLift 09.02.22-09.16.22

    Défi AnnaLift 09.02.22-09.16.22

    ma mère et moi devant le magasin de l'entreprise de peinture, papier peint et décoration familiale. Tout AnnaAspnes.