1. Destination Staycation

    Destination Staycation

    Made using foxeysquirrel’s Erinn and Modern Jazz Background kits.
  2. No Mow May

    No Mow May

  3. Fish Tale

    Fish Tale

    Made using foxeysquirrel’s Rememberance kits
  4. Naomi


    Credits: Paint the Moon & Ah! Designs - Sakura Spring Paint the Moon - Spring Has Sprung ------------------------ {we are} storytellers Kitty Design - Decorative Doodles - Smile in the Garden Ah! Designs - Chiseled Block Alpha ---------------- Funky Playground...
  5. run run run!

    run run run!

    This is DH's nephew at our wedding rehersal! Papers are from Ashalee Wall's Beary Friends Kit. The orange ribbon and sunburst are from her Voxhall kit. Paper tear is from Lie Fhung. Staple from Zazou. Font is freestyle Script. Photo by Steve Rakhshani.