1. Autumn


    For the Use-it-All Challenge with Karen Schulz; November, 2022 with her free "Bushel of Blessings" Mini Kit private Photo
  2. Random


  3. we can do it

    we can do it

    for Vicki Robinson Designs Feb 2022 Challenge I used February 2022 Challenge Story Starters 02 "PS I love You" Collection sketch, Hashtags and Women is from the "Age is just a Number" Collection all by Vicki Robinson Designs
  4. fearless


    for Vicki Robinson Designs Jan 2022 Challenge I used her January 2022 Challenge Story Starters 01 Freebie and "JUST FOR TODAY" Collection Photo: Pixabay
  5. Family


    for the November 2021 Challenge #7-Word Art I used Oscraps 2021 Nov Challenge Freebie by Sharon Photo Frames 04 and "FAMILY STORIES" Collection by Vicki Robinson Designs private photos
  6. Dreamer of dreams

    Dreamer of dreams

    for Vicki Robinson November Challenge I used her November 2021 Challenge Freebie "TICKET TO ANYWHERE" Kit and "TICKET TO ANYWHERE" Chipboard & Label Prompts Photo: Pixabay
  7. Queen of Halloween

    Queen of Halloween

    for the October Challenge #7-Use It All Photo: Pixabay
  8. life doesnt have to be perfect

    life doesnt have to be perfect

    for Vicki Robinson Designs October 2021 Challenge I used October 2021 Challenge Freebie and "AUTUMN BREEZE" Bundle all by Vicki Robinson Designs Photo: Pixabay
  9. be authentic

    be authentic

    for Vicki Robinson Designs September 2021 Challenge I used September 2021 Challenge Freebie and The Road Less Traveled Mega Kit all by Vicki Robinson Photo private (altered in photoshop)
  10. one of a kind

    one of a kind

    for Vicki Robinson Designs August 2021 Challenge I used August 2021 Challenge Freebie "IT'S ABOUT TIME" Kit and Portrait Transfers all by Vicki Robinson
  11. explore


    for the AFT Designs August 2021 Challenge I used Adventurous Freebie Set 01 Adventurous Bundle all by AFT Designs Photo: Pixabay
  12. love everything about this

    love everything about this

  13. Together


  14. remember this

    remember this

  15. listen to your heart

    listen to your heart

  16. little artist

    little artist

  17. it take time

    it take time

  18. choose to shine

    choose to shine

  19. own your dreams

    own your dreams

  20. music soothes the soul

    music soothes the soul