1. Apple Trees

    Apple Trees

    Done for the Tic Tac Toe Challenge #7 found here: https://oscraps.com/community/threads/september-2023-challenge-7-tic-tac-toe.38250/ I used the center row: fruit, large photo, sign Journaling reads: Take the fruit I give you, says the bending tree; Nothing but a burden is it all to me...
  2. Sweet Tooth

    Sweet Tooth

    Sweet Summer Delights Collection by Karen Schulz and Tami Miller
  3. New Mexico Enchilada Dinner

    New Mexico Enchilada Dinner

    Aug Challenge #7 - Multi-Photo https://oscraps.com/community/threads/august-challenge-7-multiphoto.38040/#post-672286 My Photos of making New Mexico Style Enchiladas Journaling There is no recipe for the Enchilada sauce. I watched my grandmother make it adding spices ‘until it looked and...
  4. Hey Sugar.jpg

    Hey Sugar.jpg

  5. Family Night

    Family Night

    I used Lilach Oren's Pizza Night Collection, even though we weren't eating pizza. The grandkids were acting silly - showing their food - last week at a restaurant.
  6. Taste of Home

    Taste of Home

    Created for the April Art Journaling Challenge #2 - Food This is totally different than my normal style of art journaling. No blending. No paint. Totally different for me. But sometimes we just have to go where the creative muse leads us.
  7. 23-03_Home Bake (I wish it was true ...)

    23-03_Home Bake (I wish it was true ...)

    AnnaColor Challenge 03.18.2023-03.30.2023 https://oscraps.com/community/threads/annacolor-challenge-03-18-2023-03-30-2023.37383/#post-659584
  8. macaron


    ANNACOLOR CHALLENGE 02.10.2023 - 02.23.2023
  9. Family Dinner

    Family Dinner

    For Challenge #4 (multi-photo) I used 2 photos, one large and one smaller. I layered flowers and greenery overtop and under the photo edges, finished by adding two journal cards and the title work.
  10. Yum...Cake


    Layout created for the October sketch challenge.
  11. Living The Sweet Life

    Living The Sweet Life

  12. Fair Weather

    Fair Weather

    Color Play Challenge #1 found here: https://oscraps.com/community/threads/september-challenge-1-color-play.36170/ Journaling reads: Fair on September first, Fair for the month. –Weather folklore I hope this is true because today was a beautiful day all the way around. Mark and I ate lunch at...
  13. Mama Mia's Pizzareia

    Mama Mia's Pizzareia

  14. No Talkie Before Coffee

    No Talkie Before Coffee

  15. Love At First Bite

    Love At First Bite

    This is a great food kit, not just for pizza.
  16. A Slice of Heaven

    A Slice of Heaven

    Hope I'm not making anyone too hungry with this page. lol I'm really having fun using the pocket style templates to create more traditional looking pages.
  17. Carrot Patties

    Carrot Patties

  18. Basil Gratin

    Basil Gratin

  19. VEGO Marathon 2022

    VEGO Marathon 2022

    As if I needed more challenges for the new year LOL
  20. 21-12_Day10---Re-do-a-layout-_-CHALLENGE


    Day10 - Re-do a layout | CHALLENGE https://oscraps.com/community/threads/day10-re-do-a-layout-challenge.34583/ a scraplift of