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  1. Me & Dad

    Me & Dad

    Created For Personal Reasons : Also For The June 2022 : Challenge #5 : Heritage Layout Scrap Hopefully I did this challenge correctly...I'm not usually a heritage scrapper...I've dabbled a bit over the years & it was actually how I started My digiscrapping journey over 12 years ago now...I have...
  2. My-Hero.jpg


    Journaling reads: Daddy, I just can't find the words in English to tell you how much I love you. They just don’t exist. It’s true: Dad is a girl’s first hero. You are certainly mine! Always have been and always will be not for what you have done but because of who you are - a man of worth and...
  3. BE My Dad My Hero 1

    BE My Dad My Hero 1

  4. My Dad My Hero 2 by Karen Schulz Designs

    My Dad My Hero 2 by Karen Schulz Designs

  5. papa


  6. It Takes a Big ♥

    It Takes a Big ♥

    Created for the AnnaColor Challenge 6.10.22 - 6.23.22 WA reads: It Takes a Big ♥ To Hold a Little Hand
  7. Karen Schulz My Dad My Hero

    Karen Schulz My Dad My Hero

    My Dad, My Hero has just been released in Karen Schultz's store! Here's the link to the bundle: https://www.oscraps.com/shop/digital-scrapbooking-collection-my-dad-my-hero-karen-schulz-designs.html This is my dad and me - look how "jaunty" he looked in his hat.
  8. My dad - my hero

    My dad - my hero

    June Challenge #2 - White Space/Clean https://oscraps.com/community/threads/june-challenge-2-white-space-clean.35615/#post-628764
  9. June Featured Product

    June Featured Product

    Two of June's Featured Products, Heart of a Lion and Edward, make a great match. To make the mask for the photo I used one of the Heart of a Lion overlays. The top paper was constructed by blending the edge of a shortened paper with the ripped paper pieces and added an under-layer of a...
  10. 08 Father's Day

    08 Father's Day

    A Salute to Fathers Everywhere: What a special time for a father and daughter to share a love of nature. A child's delight in watching the ducks and gulls in a lake is precious. One of the June themes is grunge and the Anchors Away kit paper used here is a combination of old world maps, script...
  11. BE Hey Mister

    BE Hey Mister

    June Challenge #5 - Heritage https://oscraps.com/community/threads/june-challenge-5-heritage.35585/
  12. John & Dad

    John & Dad