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    Made for the 52 Inspirations challenge. i used several masks for my rhododendron photo. I also used the scripted pattern feature (Edit- fill, choose pattern) with one of Lories lovely butterflies and blended it into the other papers Journaling says: "On a Tuesday afternoon I decided to a walk...
  2. Keep close to nature . . .

    Keep close to nature . . .

    Keep close to nature . . .
  3. Pray For Peace

    Pray For Peace

    Created For The May 2022 : Color Palette Challenge : Blue/Yellow/Green : https://oscraps.com/community/threads/may-2022-challenge-2-color-palette.35473/post-626132 ***The most Wonderful! color palette!...Such powerful! & impactful! colors!...I knew exactly what kind of layout I was gonna...
  4. Quiet Place

    Quiet Place

  5. BE Lost In A Book

    BE Lost In A Book

  6. Lost in a Book

    Lost in a Book

    Lost in a Book Bundle – et designs Photo – Pixabay – processed by me.
  7. Challenge 4 Color Play

    Challenge 4 Color Play

    I used et designs Fondness: https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Fondness-Coll_etd.html
  8. March Challenge #6.jpg

    March Challenge #6.jpg

    A little nod to the Ukraine. The national flower is the sunflower. - place a large photo as the background - add different overlays to the sky and field - masked large sunflower - side strips to represent Ukrainian flag - clusters - simple Word Art/title
  9. March Challenge #4 Color Play.jpg

    March Challenge #4 Color Play.jpg

    Making new backgrounds from a number of different papers and masks is a lot of fun. Here I combined 3 of Joyful Heart's Color Crush 60 papers using masks made of paint splotches and brushes. The photo was masked and elements placed. I used sketch elements to add interest and depth behind the...
  10. Cherish Yesterday

    Cherish Yesterday

    I had fun going through some very old photos of my Father's family. He was just a baby when this one was taken, but no date on the photo, so it was a guessing game. et designs "Fondness Collection" was the perfect fit for this photo!
  11. Fondness


    Fondness Bundle by et designs Fabulous Friday colorplay Februari Picture by me thanks for looking
  12. Feb Color Play 2.jpg

    Feb Color Play 2.jpg

  13. Feb Color Play 1.jpg

    Feb Color Play 1.jpg

  14. Feb Color Play 1.jpg

    Feb Color Play 1.jpg

  15. Beauty in everything

    Beauty in everything

  16. etd_fondness.jpg


    -*NEW Feb Color Play* @Oscraps -"Fondness Bundle" by et designs
  17. Beautiful


  18. Dream


  19. Live For Today

    Live For Today

    Created using February 2022 Color Play Fondness Bundle by et designs
  20. Fondness


    kit "Fondness" by Et Designs Photo by ArtTower - pixabay