1. Pocklington's Mill Full

    Pocklington's Mill Full

    See individual pages for details
  2. Pocklington's Mill Right

    Pocklington's Mill Right

    This is more the art journal side of this two-pager.
  3. Pocklington's Mill Left

    Pocklington's Mill Left

    This charming 20th century painting by Doris Zinkeisen represents Heckington Mill as it is today. In 1890, the cap was blown off and the mill severely damaged in a storm. Originally it had five sails, not the eight here. A cap was purchased from a similar mill scheduled for demolition and...
  4. Exploring The Big City

    Exploring The Big City

    When I bought Anna's newest collection, I thought "This will be great to mix with Rachel's Riding The Rails .... and then Rachel's Mixed Media challenge for this month was a Designer Mash Up. Perfect!
  5. Althorp.jpg


    The Spencers are part of my family tree. Top photo is Georgiana (Duchess of Devonshire), Harriett (Duchess of Bessborough), and George John (2nd Earl Spencer) Spencer. The bottom is George's wife Lavinia Bingham and their son John Charles (3rd Earl Spencer) Spencer. Their ancestral home...