1. Autumn Dogs

    Autumn Dogs

    I still miss my Sano and my Zume so much. When I needed Fall pictures, I knew it was time to let them shine again on my page.
  2. Never Too Many Pictures

    Never Too Many Pictures

    There are truly never too many pictures of my fur babies.
  3. Beautiful Babies

    Beautiful Babies

    It's rare to get a photo of Inuyasha and Ishka together where they aren't either being crazy or sleeping. lol
  4. Perfect Fur Baby

    Perfect Fur Baby

    Created for the August Multi Photos Challenge The paint used on the dog paw and the orange paper, both from take Me Home, came from Sketchbook Colored Paint 2. All ripped papers created using the Anna Aspnes templates.
  5. Punk knows everything of digging holes

    Punk knows everything of digging holes

    Made for the Big Photo challenge. I took an oldie and made is full page. Blended some paper in and used the stamp filter to get some sand structure back. Also lighting effects and a shape layer (blended into background. I colored Karen overlay (clipped a color layer to it)
  6. Knock Knock

    Knock Knock

    Made using foxeysquirrel’s Eimi kit.
  7. Good Dog In Training

    Good Dog In Training

    March 2021 Challenge # 7 - Storybook/Fantasy https://oscraps.com/community/threads/march-2021-challenge-7-storybook-fantasy.33342/
  8. A Life Without Dogs

    A Life Without Dogs

    JCantrill_SpringALing merkeleyd_charm_alpha_jade vstegall-rockon-sneakpeak CinziaL_FnThings BVA_SS_Emb_BitsofMesh TKA_SS_EmbTmp_FancyFolds4 Fonts: Belphebe-Never
  9. In Memoriam

    In Memoriam

    Oscraps Birthday Challenge 3/10/08 I began using the TaylorMade Uncluttered template & had to adjust it to accommodate the journaling. Papers: Amy Teets challenge freebie & Becky Vosburg's WNY doiled solid creme paper. Frames: from Sue Cummings Vintage Schoolbook frames Elements...
  10. Sasha


    This is the first page in her own album! Sasha is a Miniature Schnauzer just like Niko, and since she will be 1 yrs old on Sunday, I thought it would be a nice page to create showing her and her dad, Mickey, before we throw her birthday party! Credits: "A Love for All Seasons&quot...
  11. Sasha's First Schnauzer Cut

    Sasha's First Schnauzer Cut

    She was so brave, and did really well, but I wasn't happy with the way they shaved her completely! At least she no longer looked like a rat! Journaling Reads: Any time the puppies go for a groom, they always get a new toy. Sasha got "Ladybug" as her 1st! Credits: Red...
  12. Santa's Little Helpers

    Santa's Little Helpers

    I'm sorry, I totally couldn't resist this one! Enjoy looking! (When I saw he had his tongue out, I knew I had to keep that photo!) I had to have this new "Elf Lovin' " kit by Lisa Majewski because I knew I was going to get fabulous photos of the Sosa Pups this year! Journaling...
  13. Sasha's New Dress

    Sasha's New Dress

    Journaling reads: Brand new dress, and she's out playing like a little boy puppy! I've always called her my little "Pure Bred Mutt" She's 100% AKC registered Mini Schnauzer, but she just acts like a little mutt. I bought her this dress for "Woofstock" and decided to try it...
  14. My friend Sassy

    My friend Sassy

    Used a kit by LPand3Dogs called All Blue. Font is Melanie. Program is DIP 10.
  15. Howl-a-Ween Trick or Treat Puppies

    Howl-a-Ween Trick or Treat Puppies

    Journaling reads: I think they really enjoyed dressing up! Sasha had a good time helping me pass out the candy! **Honestly, she didn't want to come inside when we had run out of candy! Normally she's not so resistant, but she was this night! Credits: ~ OScraps Collab Kit Jack-O-Lantern...