1. jPA_Young Love

    jPA_Young Love

    Just celebrating young love on this Valentine's Day.
  2. jPA_AASPN_ColorChall_Feb12-21


    This is for Anna's Color Challenge of the lovely pinks.
  3. jPA_Inspired by Her

    jPA_Inspired by Her

    She is my heart and she inspires me every d@mn day! I love her so much and am so very proud of the woman she is.
  4. jPA_Begin Moving Forward

    jPA_Begin Moving Forward

    "It is time for me to figure out how to get my groove back! My Mojo has been in hiding for way too long and I’m like a car with 4 flat tires, having come to a grinding halt. So it is time for some burning juicy creative play to rekindle my passions, light and joy! So PLAY in your fun & funky way!"
  5. jPA_'21 Jan/Feb Theme Chall Food

    jPA_'21 Jan/Feb Theme Chall Food

    Bugs’ Birthday Sushi. Every year, we still go out for sushi in honor of Bugs (my late hubby's) birthday. We usually go to a movie too - but this year, due to the pandemic, theaters were closed. Zoey and I made the best of it with lots of love & stories of Daddy Bugs.
  6. jPA_'21 Jan/Feb Chall - MultiPhoto

    jPA_'21 Jan/Feb Chall - MultiPhoto

    Meet Buttermilk, my fave scrapping & planning companion and the one constant in my days. There's no typical in my life of 2020 between the pandemic & my chronic health issues. But Buttermilk IS - always butting her head in on whatever I'm doing, particularly my journaling, planning & scrapping.
  7. jPA_'21 Jan/Feb Double Scraplift Challenge

    jPA_'21 Jan/Feb Double Scraplift Challenge

    "Every Pandemic has it's Rainbow" "Zoey & I are the Queens of Making the Best of It no matter what is going on or where we are. During the early months of the pandemic..." Shots from a roadside profusion of wildflowers.
  8. jPA_21Jan/Feb 52Insp Challenge

    jPA_21Jan/Feb 52Insp Challenge

    "The Pandemic sent all the tourists home, so for awhile, we had the county to ourselves. So Zoey would play in make-up ideas and I would play with my camera. It was a great way to stay sane and active. These are my favorite moments of 2020."