1. Face of An Angel

    Face of An Angel

    For the photo, I used quick select on the dog and used copy J to place her on a separate layer. I then changed the original photo to black and white andclipped it to the photo mask. I then set blend mode to Color Burn with a Fill of 87%. I also copied out the portion of the mask with the exact...
  2. Happy Happy Boi

    Happy Happy Boi

    The background consists of three layers. The bottom layer is a solid green paper. The next layer is a blue and cream background paper with the blend mode set to Lighter Color. The top layer is the same paper rotated counter clockwise 90 degrees and set to Darker Color.
  3. Only You

    Only You

    Sweet Photo of my daughter's pet rat, Squirrel. <3 She is such soft grey/taupe color that I wanted to use a kit that would accentuate her fur. I used most of the overlays and paint because of their translucency. I used blending modes on several of them to add depth while maintaining the...
  4. Mario & Luigi

    Mario & Luigi

    Oh, how I miss my boys!
  5. love


    February Challenge #4 - Double Scraplift at Oscraps— https://oscraps.com/community/threads/february-challenge-4-double-scraplift.34780 Lifted from LO 1: Vertical design, placement of photo and word art Lifted from LO 2: Repeated hearts, flower cluster, shaped photo Everything used months page...
  6. karen-shulz-memory-photo- collage-template.jpg

    karen-shulz-memory-photo- collage-template.jpg

    This little cat must share a common ancestor with my Sophie – she is a dead ringer for my cat! And I suspect she gets up to the same high jinks, too! For this LO, it was necessary to start with the base and determine which blocks of the template to use. The background for the stairs is paper 20...
  7. Squirrel


    Tips & Tricks Challenge with Karen Schulz, February 2022 at Oscraps— https://oscraps.com/community/threads/tips-tricks-challenge-with-karen-schulz-february-2022.34848 Unfortunately, I made a big mistake and flattened the PSD file and saved it when I should not have. I can tell you the basic...
  8. Coco the Cat

    Coco the Cat

    I really made great use of the borders and clusters that are part of the collection for this page. Otherwise, you would not see these amazing clusters on my page. :)
  9. 2021-12-myla-comfort-and-peace.jpg


  10. snuggle


    Everything is part of Oscraps Color Play https://www.oscraps.com/shop/digital-scrapbook-fab-friday-color-play-coordinated-packs/
  11. So Cute

    So Cute

  12. Welcome to the Rat-Pack!

    Welcome to the Rat-Pack!

  13. I Went to the Animal Fair

    I Went to the Animal Fair

    Made using foxeysquirrel’s Watercolor Brush kits and Royal Pets kits.
  14. ANNA Color Challenge October-November

    ANNA Color Challenge October-November

    I converted this picture of my granddaughter, Ava and her Doodle, Lila. The other colors were picked up with Anna ArtPlay Rust, Chatter, Home and Twizzle.
  15. Oct 2021 Use it All Chall

    Oct 2021 Use it All Chall

    Photo personal
  16. Love My Fur Babies

    Love My Fur Babies

    I can't believe I just discovered a collection with a name like "Love My Dog." This will be destined to be part of many future layouts.
  17. Vicki Robinson October Challenge

    Vicki Robinson October Challenge

    I took this picture of my hubby with a "captive audience". He always carries treats in his pocket so the dogs watch him constatntly. Now, the cat has joined the "crew". I used Vicki's Autumn Breeze kit and her free Journal Prompts.
  18. October Momma O's Challenge

    October Momma O's Challenge

    I did a play on words - these two sweet pups are anything but scary. Haha We got our dog, Daisy and our granddog, Lila both in front of our front porch Halloween decorations today. I used Vicki Stegall's Halloween Mini Kit and It's A Date Word Strips.
  19. AASPN_ArtPlayPaletBoydteHinge_ArtsyPaper3.jpg


    Our fifth "child" Boyd, he passed away in januari after 8 years, we all adored him!
  20. Awesome Photo - Big Smiles

    Awesome Photo - Big Smiles

    A companion page for my page about our walk along the Mackenzie River (previously uploaded). It was a fun afternoon of walking, climbing trees and a splash in the river for the dogs.