1. I Love You

    I Love You

    I finally had the chance to get TWIGGY with it! I had way too much fun with these kits!! As you all know, this would be my DD, Neiah. She took this picture herself! TFL!! CREDITS: All papers and elements by Paislee Press; Twiggy Berry Circular stitch by Paislee Press; Pink Emporium...
  2. Faery Ring

    Faery Ring

    My daughter. Juniper Forest by Rachel's Designs available at Digitalcandy.ca.
  3. Lucky


    My DD was so funny this day, she kept picking all the 3 leaf clovers and stating that she had found another "lucky clover". Too cute!! Papers - TaylorMade Designs (oscraps) Quench - bunchberry, kiwilime & lemonice (blended) & Touch of Grey Frame - Fei-fei's Stuff...
  4. My Sunshine

    My Sunshine

    My daughter. All that Twitters Collab kit by Kaye Winiecki and Tara Dunstan, available at PBP Word art by Kari Hentzelt.
  5. You are my Sunshine

    You are my Sunshine

    My daughter. All that Twitters Collab kit by Kaye Winiecki and Tara Dunstan, available at PBP Word art by CHaskell.
  6. Hide and Seek

    Hide and Seek

    Hide and Seek; Neiah's favorite game! TFL! "mommy, if i hide behind this tree, do you think daddy can find me? i don't think so, baby. you're the best at this game. yeah. maybe i will let him find me one time so then he will want to play some more." Credits: BG Paper by...
  7. The artist in you

    The artist in you

    A simple tribute to my DD Daniela about her artistic abilities in Fashion Design. Credits: Picture Perfect Gallery Frames by by Blythe Evans Fall art prints by Anna Aspnes Cheerful elements by Natali Word art by Danelle Johnson Sakura kit by Annie Manning Dark Romance by O.N. Designs...
  8. Love you So Very Much

    Love you So Very Much

    *jumping up & down* I did it, I did it! WOW, did it take me long enough?? BIG BIG props to Amanda Taylor; you ROCK, girl. This is my DD, Cheyann. Love this picture and LOVE HER SO VERY MUCH! TFL! Credits: Flower sticker by TaylorMade Designs, Leave Your Mark Fading Emotions 2 by...
  9. Cousins


    My daughter and oldest niece. :) Credits: Debra Tope ~ aged leather frames Debra Tope ~ aged leather Xtra girly as you wish ~ felted wool flowers as you wish ~ painted garden as you wish ~ vintage game tiles Birgit Kerr ~ Bead it Holly designs ~ she's so charming
  10. Catch A Wave

    Catch A Wave

    My daughter and step daughter at the beach. Catch a Wave element pack by Cassi's Creations In My Dreams kit by Cassi's Creations both available at Digitalcandy.ca
  11. Lauren Waits for Love Bug

    Lauren Waits for Love Bug

    My newest kit is inspired by my grand daughter's new baby's room. Kit available later today at Stone Accent Studios.
  12. The Best and Most Beautiful

    The Best and Most Beautiful

    This is my daughter and a friend. The journaling around the little photo is word art text paths by Natali Designs. It says: The best and most beautiful things cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. Innocence Elements and Paper Packs, Twine Pack, Playing with Text...
  13. Searching For Sand Castles in the Sky

    Searching For Sand Castles in the Sky

    My Darling Daughter Chelsea, Age 4, Circa 1978. I Had Other Items, More Shells, etc., on This Page, but Removed the Rest and Decided, For a Change, to QUIT FUTZING! LOL! Design Credits: Background: Doris Castle (Prima - First Blush) Nets: melgen Sand: Lara Payton Shells: Jen Ulasiewicz...
  14. A Penny for your thoughts

    A Penny for your thoughts

    My daughter and her friend hanging out. Innocence Element and Paper pack by Natali Design http://www.pickleberrypop.com/shop/product.php?productid=2481&cat=0&page=1 http://www.pickleberrypop.com/shop/product.php?productid=2480&cat=0&page=1 Photo Slicing Action by Danielle...
  15. Picture Perfect

    Picture Perfect

    Catching up on my QPs! I love this picture! The sun was in her eyes, so this blooper turned out to be 'picture perfect'! TFL! Credits: Paislee Press + TaylorMade Designs, Picture Perfect QP
  16. Off The Beaten Path

    Off The Beaten Path

    So, this is totally NOT my style...but I just couldn't help it. This LO took on a life of it's own with Fei-fei's Stuff's Whimsicality kit...and I really like the way it came out. I love this picture of my DD walking through the flowers beside the sidewalk. TFL!!! Papers - Whimsicality Floral...
  17. Are You My Mommy

    Are You My Mommy

    This was just the sweetest thing that my DD said to me!! Had so much fun playing around with Shaui's newest kit - Pastelaria - to put this together!! Check her stuff!! Everything from Fei-fei's Stuff Pastelaria kit now available at Oscraps!! Journaling: Mommy, are you my Mommy? Yes...
  18. Love to Love you

    Love to Love you

    Here's another take on this pic of my DD and I. TFL! CAPTION: oh how i love to love you Credits: Paper by TaylorMade Designs, The Alternative Love Grows Frame by Fei-fei's Stuff Stitching by Fei-fei's Stuff, Pinkish Kit Button element by Fei-fei's Stuff, Whimsicality
  19. Perfection


    This is my last one for the challenge...I swear!! :) This is one of my absolute favorite pictures of my youngest DD, Payton, taken at 6 weeks. I had to play around with the blending for a while before I was happy with what I got. TFL!! Papers - Paislee Press Fresh Linens Antique, Fei-fei's...
  20. Stuck In The Middle

    Stuck In The Middle

    Love this picture of my DD and her great grandparents. She doesn't look too thrilled to be sandwiched in between them...but it makes me smile:) TFL!! Papers - Paislee Press Fresh Linens Scroll Stamp - Paislee Press Ink Blots Vol 4 Stitching - Jen Wilson Stitching Brushes Journaling: you...