1. A Fan

    A Fan

    I chose “You can dance by rollinchen ”. The fans & red caught my eye. I love fans & red, so I used a vintage photo of a dancer with fans, I used pink rather than red. I loved how the larger photo of the dancer pointed to the smaller photo & had my dancer point with her foot. It was the only...
  2. Vicki Robinson Designer challenge

    Vicki Robinson Designer challenge

    There a few more days to join Vicki Robinson! Another Pexel photo. I used another dancer from my dance search at Pexels...
  3. Make it if we try

    Make it if we try

    For another challenge I needed a photo of a dancer. I searched pexels and I saw a bunch of stunning (photo) art. Like this one. I applied a couple of filters and blened some Annatransfers. I wanted to honour the white space of the photo.
  4. Day 10 Redo a lay out Challenge

    Day 10 Redo a lay out Challenge

    I loved it when I made it but I didn't like the silhouette on the left any more. Also changed the word art, made the danser smaller and used some twirl filters (on transfers). I changed the opacity of the word paper and searched on pexels for a danser.. and got it an edge
  5. Danseuse


    Made using foxeysquirrel's Imagine kit.
  6. ballett dancer

    ballett dancer

    this is for my dear webfriend denise and her dd lilien.. credits: Kit No.14 by O.N. Designs @ SBG Alpha from Freshness Kit by Natali Designs @ PBP TFL.. Nicky :)