1. Nov ATC

    Nov ATC

    Time To Howl
  2. Walk


  3. Time for Santa

    Time for Santa

    Made using foxeysquirrel’s Darby, holly-jolly-splatter and maxi-flower-splatter kits.
  4. No time Like Nap Time

    No time Like Nap Time

    Made using foxeysquirrel’s Darby kits.
  5. A Dream of Grandeur

    A Dream of Grandeur

    Made using foxeysquirrel’s Catherine kit.
  6. In the Window

    In the Window

    Made using foxeysquirrel’s One-zee, Imperfect Backgrounds, Edgy Overlay, Loaise, Rebecca’s Blooms and Flowers, Botanical Gardens, Erinn, Messy Flower, Savannah Timepiece, and Birds of a Feather kits
  7. A Stitch in Time

    A Stitch in Time

    Made using foxeysquirrel’s Silent, and Clocks and Locks kits
  8. Jingle Bell Rock

    Jingle Bell Rock

  9. Fall Back

    Fall Back

    It's that time of the year again, gain an hour, but it get dark so much sooner.
  10. Arrested in Capitol Riot

    Arrested in Capitol Riot

    In seven weeks the DOJ had arrested more than 275 people who rioted at the U.S. Capitol on January 6th, and the costs of damages had been counted. Every day, more names and more stories would emerge. And meanwhile, people were rallying around another Trump presidency.
  11. Begins Now

    Begins Now

    By the last week of January, the FBI had more than 330 cases to charge with sedition. There were over 1,500 videos and the focus was on far right groups. A new coronavirus variant from South Africa was going to make a vaccine booster shot necessary, and Trump's Senate trial began.
  12. In the Moment

    In the Moment

    The number of cases of COVID-19 was going down and we were both in the first 5% to get the vaccine, But the new, more contagious and deadly variant was gaining ground. The US was in a global race to get people vaccinated as quickly as possible. Before the number of cases went up.
  13. *Altered* Clock with Digi

    *Altered* Clock with Digi

    I think I'm getting used to digital scrapping...sort of! I love this photo from our wedding. It was modeled after a photo from my parents' wedding album. It took me a few HOURS to finish this "page" to put inside of this clock. Of course, I had to glam it up with some bling on the...
  14. Savannah&Jason


    They look so angelic at that age. Credit Trish Jones Natural Beauty @ Trish Jones designs Dreams chipboard mlamarredesigns TFL Maggie