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  1. Bring-on-Summer.jpg


    It has been hit and miss with the weather this year here in the UK, so I thought that this is appropriate!
  2. Combative Woman...

    Combative Woman...

    APP Evenfall APP Down Town APP Embrace Me APP My Camera APP Metro Graffiti APP Kristtorn APP Humming Bird (1 element recolored) Thanks for Looking!! Marleen
  3. Explore Dream Discover

    Explore Dream Discover

  4. See The Beauty

    See The Beauty

  5. Chall.#3 Quote it

    Chall.#3 Quote it

  6. Palvinka-Fragile


    Palvinka Fragile Bundle: https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Fragile-Collection-PD.html
  7. Squill syberian

    Squill syberian

    I create this page as a divider for my planner, inspired by the book called ''The secret language of flowers''. Did you know, that the squill means ''constancy'' in the flowers language? I also add a very beautiful poem about this little blue flowers.
  8. 22-03_Mediterranka-Design-Reverdie


  9. 22-03_Mediterranka-Design-Reverdie


  10. 22-02_Mediterranka-Design-february-challenge


    February 2022 challenge by Mediterranka Design https://oscraps.com/community/threads/february-2022-challenge-by-mediterranka-design-until-02-28.34892/
  11. Relais


    For the circle I blended two papers.