christmas song

  1. DAY 6: Light A Candle

    DAY 6: Light A Candle

  2. Hey Ho

    Hey Ho

    Had to scrap my newest favorite of Christmas songs. Combining two kits from Lorie Davison was the perfect way to go.
  3. 12_15 Day 12 Christmas Song

    12_15 Day 12 Christmas Song

    A Holly Jolly Christmas, lyrics & music by Johnny Marks, sung by Burl Ives in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Christmas special Created with Karen Schulz & Linda Cumberland's Touch of Christmas Collection Touch of Christmas Collection Font is Cookie
  4. Day_12_Carol-of-the-Bells.jpg


    Credit: 1/ Winter Dreams by Et Designs 2/ Oscraps_ADVENTE Calendar_Comfort and Joy 3/ Oscraps_ADVENTE Calendar_Rustic 4/ Oscraps_ADVENTE Calendar_Hope 5/ Fonts: Constantia, Nightmake before christmas
  5. Day 15 Christmas Lyrics Layout

    Day 15 Christmas Lyrics Layout

    The drummer angel photo is an ornament husband received from his grandmother in his childhood. The angel topper photo was the first topper I purchased some 20+ years ago when I was in college and living in an apartment with my younger sister. The angel playing the violin photo is an ornament...