1. Choose Joy

    Choose Joy

    Inspired by a book I'm currently reading.
  2. New Me

    New Me

  3. its okay

    its okay

  4. Autumn in New York

    Autumn in New York

    Credits: - Dani's Delusions: Fall or Nothin' - Southern Creek Designs: Heart and Home [bow] - Font: Tempus Sans ITC ...
  5. Time Keeps Ticking

    Time Keeps Ticking

    Another one for a challenge - theme was how time has changed something, and to use as many circles as you could. I can't believe how much my DS has changed...you don't really realize it when you are around them everyday, but when it's staring you in the face, it's hard to deny...my baby boy is...
  6. Inevitable Change

    Inevitable Change

    this is a shot of my ds carrying the surfboard back from the beach. tfl products used: paper - TaylorMade Designs - Solid and Understated Paper Pack (black) Ambiguous Kit (ginger) (oscraps) stitches and word art - TaylorMade Designs - Ambiguous Kit and Compulsive Entitlement Word Art...
  7. Change


    These are my thoughts as we try to discover God's will for our son's live in relation to his schooling next year. Dianne Rigdon's Gypsy Patch kit Date Label by Jenna Nelson Staples by Amy Cheeseman Ratty Tat Tat photo frames by Marcie Reckinger stitches by Vera Lim Shadows by Traci...