1. 22-01_Vicki-Robinson-Designs-Jan-2022-Challenge


    Vicki Robinson Designs Jan 2022 Challenge https://oscraps.com/community/threads/vicki-robinson-designs-jan-2022-challenge-ends-1-28.34749/#post-612154
  2. 22-01_AnnaCOLOR01


    AnnaColor Challenge 01.05.2022 - 01.20.2022 https://oscraps.com/community/threads/annacolor-challenge-01-05-2022-01-20-2022.34761/
  3. 22-01_ks-challenge-january


    Tips & Tricks Challenge with Karen Schulz: dodge and burntool https://oscraps.com/community/threads/tips-tricks-challenge-with-karen-schulz.34750/#post-612441
  4. Vicki Robinson January 2022 Challenge

    Vicki Robinson January 2022 Challenge

    I created this page for Vicki Robinson's January Challenge. I layered and blended three different papers from the Just For Today Collection. This collection is wonderful and so full of artsy goodness. There are even some blank word strips so I made two "personalized" strips to more closely...
  5. Just For Today

    Just For Today

    My page was created for her January 2022 challenge
  6. Chall#4 - Big Photo

    Chall#4 - Big Photo

    I love to scrap big photo because this allows me to play with blended modes. This photo was taken in October 20.
  7. Summer friends

    Summer friends

    I wanted to attempt a fun vintage page of a pretend lost summer friend.
  8. MamaCona


    For AnnaLift Challenge https://oscraps.com/community/threads/annalift-challenge.34544/ Credits: Anna Aspnes: ArtPlay Palette and portion of template Yuletide, ArtPlay Palette Noetic https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Anna-Aspnes-Designs-c-383/
  9. Day 7

    Day 7

    On the background paper there is part of a doily on the right side, where my border is. I used an air brush to remove it & used the main background colour of blue. I really wanted to use the background.
  10. Day 7 Xmas Hats

    Day 7 Xmas Hats

  11. Day 9 - Word Art

    Day 9 - Word Art

    I used word art from the Home For The Holidays Collab for the challenge. I masked two portions of the background paper and on a separate layer I clipped two photos and then changed the blend mode.
  12. Day 3 Scraplift

    Day 3 Scraplift

    I scraplifted this gorgeous page by easyeyes4you. For my page I used the new release from Laitha. HER LAYOUT that I lifted.
  13. I Will...

    I Will...

    This page was created for Mamma O's challenge - scrap about a milestone and include either words from that day or a quote that reflects the sentiment of the day. As I was browsing through Vicki's kits, her She's Got Grit spoke to my mother's heart. My page is about a milestone - the one when my...
  14. Oscraps Avi Challenge

    Oscraps Avi Challenge

    I love The Grinch, so I used this image from Pixabay. I used Karen Schutz Santa Express Kit and Santa Express Border Edges.
  15. 21-12_Mediterranka-December challenge

    21-12_Mediterranka-December challenge

    December 2021 challenge by Mediterranka Design https://oscraps.com/community/threads/december-2021-challenge-by-mediterranka-design-until-12-25.34532/
  16. Family


    for the November 2021 Challenge #7-Word Art I used Oscraps 2021 Nov Challenge Freebie by Sharon Photo Frames 04 and "FAMILY STORIES" Collection by Vicki Robinson Designs private photos
  17. Evil drama queen

    Evil drama queen

    The Evil Queen loves to create big productions that tends to frighten all the weird things in the forest. To me Evil Queens represent winter. It is something I’ve carried from childhood. I have memories of cartoons of Queens using snow to stop their enemies. My memory may have made that...
  18. like a snowflake

    like a snowflake

    for the November Challenge #4 - Quote it I used 52 Inspirations 2020 Christmas Inspired Bundle by Vicki Stegall Photo: Pixabay
  19. Spring


    for the November Challenge #3-52 inspirations I used 52 Inspirations 2017 No 19 Lente Mini Kit by Maya de Groot No 23 Paint Transfers by Vicki Stegall 52 Inspirations 2018 No 20- Amber and Indigo Backgrounds by Crafty Button Design no 7 Scrap Kit by Vicki Stegall
  20. The lovely future!

    The lovely future!

    I thought about family & the one I made when I married my husband (Was before but i don’t have a set date on that. Lol.) We are partners & we both like to work towards having the best life we can together & that’s mostly just loving each other & the odd bit of jewellery. I hope it still counts...