1. sail far away

    sail far away

  2. make your mess your message

    make your mess your message

  3. listen to your heart

    listen to your heart

  4. mediterranka

    June 2021 challenge by Mediterranka Design (until 06/25)

    Hello friends :) Welcome to my June 2021 challenge! This month we will create the layout with 3 photos, taken from 1 photo. PRIZES: 1. ONE favorite page will be chosen as the winner to receive a 7$ coupon to my store; 2. All other participants receive a 25% discount coupon to the Mediterranka...
  5. Magic


    Created for the May Challenge #6 Tic Tac Toe- (word art, bow, child) Grandma holds grandbaby for firt time-It's pure magic
  6. forward


  7. Hear no evil, speak no evil, and you won’t be invited to cocktail parties

    Hear no evil, speak no evil, and you won’t be invited to cocktail parties

    Quote from Oscar Wilde & a reminder on party etiquette as it’s been a while. A fun night in a handmade dress.
  8. over the rainbow

    over the rainbow

  9. little artist

    little artist

  10. You are as welcome as flowers in may

    You are as welcome as flowers in may

  11. it take time

    it take time

  12. pause and reflect

    pause and reflect

  13. in full bloom

    in full bloom

  14. There is always two

    There is always two

    Copy cat challenge. Dady’s Balloons. Trying to do the beautiful clean lines but not really getting it. I always do more than one & I kind of like this as well so I’m adding it.
  15. Zebra thoughts of shoes

    Zebra thoughts of shoes

    I scrap lifted Zebra by Nightshadow. I loved the black & white with stars & the bit of blue/green of the flowers. Not sure why I thought of shoes but this is my interpretation & I hope it shows my inspiration & appreciation of the original. My first scrap lift.
  16. Old & well used bookmark.

    Old & well used bookmark.

    1 thing re: Dogs, it is a joke & I love dogs. I have 2 cats & I love Brave New World. So a favourite author making a funny quote regarding pets. Lol. The insect landed on the old bookmark, so it’s not part of the bookmark. Just adds to the old grittiness & I imagine it on the ground somewhere.
  17. Vacant lot

    Vacant lot

    Inspired by x-man Legion.
  18. Unplanned trip to the beach

    Unplanned trip to the beach

    Lots & lots of different packs & kits as I was not planning to use this as a challenge entry. Photo is Deposit photos: bikini woman. Editing with the graphic tool I use were Noise & Directional perspective blur. It goes out from her face. I made that the clear point & the photo blurs out.
  19. Spring: Time to renew your wardrobe

    Spring: Time to renew your wardrobe

    I’m now in Autumn. Weather changes quickly, 2 days ago I had the air conditioning on & then the next day a thick cardigan. I thought about what I like about the arrival of spring. For me it is finally putting my heavy winter clothes away & feeling refreshed with light & colourful clothing.
  20. aprilcollab.jpg