1. September Heritage challenge- oops the 90s

    September Heritage challenge- oops the 90s

    I know 90s fashion has returned. I was going for a 90s retro grungy feeling with sort of magazine feel. The photo has been altered & I went for a bad quality magazine print. Pre smart phone selfie photos. We still posed. A friend took the photo with my disposable camera. Lol. So this is...
  2. The Great Escape

    The Great Escape

    I was inspired by the goldfish & thought of them taking on earth’s atmosphere in their balloon ship.
  3. be authentic

    be authentic

    for Vicki Robinson Designs September 2021 Challenge I used September 2021 Challenge Freebie and The Road Less Traveled Mega Kit all by Vicki Robinson Photo private (altered in photoshop)
  4. Mountain Hike

    Mountain Hike

    Created for Challenge#3- Border Challenge
  5. Spring Invitation

    Spring Invitation

    I went with the theme of spring & feelings of joy. I really enjoyed just letting go. The nymph who starts the spring party is in the envelope & in the mail & is just a short while away. I used many colours & flowers which I think represents spring. Colours bring me joy & there are a...
  6. A new day, a new life for me.

    A new day, a new life for me.

    I love Feeling Good sung by Nina Simone (my favourite version) & I used a lyric from the song as the title. It’s a song about freedom. If you see each day as new then thats very freeing. Blossoms, flowers herald a new day. I, from memory & learning from new children in my family & I think...
  7. Buy it now!!

    Buy it now!!

    The shapes are part of the word art I created for the poster. I wanted to make it a bit of a hybrid of new age style & a little poster at a supermarket. I’m conscious of stressing about relaxing. I live in a conundrum, very stressful & I find lavender helps me to relax FAST!!!
  8. one of a kind

    one of a kind

    for Vicki Robinson Designs August 2021 Challenge I used August 2021 Challenge Freebie "IT'S ABOUT TIME" Kit and Portrait Transfers all by Vicki Robinson
  9. What’s the matter with you lately?

    What’s the matter with you lately?

    I think I’m in a common situation with a lot of people everywhere & the feeling of uncertainty is being felt more keenly. Alice in wonderland is a great way for me to express my worry & the feeling of travelling in an unknown confusing world. Also I hope it shows how using my imagination is the...
  10. Wolf-Howl-In


    Created this for the August Challenge 2--a poster announcing a Wolf Howl-In. They have them at some wolf reserves. This is Boltz, an omego wolf of the pack at The International Wolf Center, Ely, Minnesota. Though we didn't go to a Wolf Howl-In per se in New Mexico, we did wake early and I...
  11. explore


    for the AFT Designs August 2021 Challenge I used Adventurous Freebie Set 01 Adventurous Bundle all by AFT Designs Photo: Pixabay
  12. Time. . .

    Time. . .

    For the challenge, I changed the flowers from a cream color to a soft pink and the grid in the back I changed from black to blue.
  13. mediterranka

    *WINNER ANNOUNCED * August 2021 challenge by Mediterranka Design (until 08/25)

    Hello everybody :) August/2021 challenge is finished. 7$ coupon is going to fantastic garden scene by Zotova All other participant are getting 25% discount coupons to the Mediterranka Design store. Congratulations and thank you for joining my challenge! ________________________________________...
  14. Beautiful flower

    Beautiful flower

    Created for August 2021 Scraplift Challenge by Mediterranka Design
  15. Summertime


  16. happy rejoice

    happy rejoice

  17. in the sunshine

    in the sunshine

  18. love everything about this

    love everything about this

  19. Hello and welcome

    Hello and welcome

  20. my monkeys

    my monkeys