challenge #7

  1. July  Challenge 7 Quote to Word Art.jpg

    July Challenge 7 Quote to Word Art.jpg

  2. Deer


  3. 2022-06-17-grads-in-parking-lot.jpg


    Starring Me Kit by Vicki Robinson https://www.oscraps.com/shop/digital-scrapbooking-kit-starring-me-vicki-robinson.html Font: comica boom regular
  4. No No Limits

    No No Limits

  5. 2022-05-15-Amanda-Starbucks.jpg


    Use it All Digiscrap Challenge for May 2022 vicki Stegall Designs https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Use-it-All-Digiscrap-Challenge-for-May-2022.html?fbclid=IwAR2QFVETurXIkL7CetnZbXrZk5br3fdJJUjyzwssjqHBWWCrXherOxZ-dtQ font gelpen heavy heavy
  6. 22-05_O_May-2022-Challenge-#7-Use-It-All


    May 2022 Challenge #7-Use It All https://oscraps.com/community/threads/may-2022-challenge-7-use-it-all.35453/
  7. Just Day Dreaming

    Just Day Dreaming

  8. Challenge #7.jpg

    Challenge #7.jpg

  9. 2022-04-12-once-upon-a-time-poem.jpg


    Social distancing by after midnight Love my dog by Karen Schulz Alphabet beads by etd Poem: Once Upon a Time There once was a woman who loved to sew But she couldn’t do it as the kids continued to grow Her sewing machine had collected dust In time she must trust That she...
  10. You Think You Can Fly This Thing

    You Think You Can Fly This Thing

  11. Challenge #7 Fantasy.jpg

    Challenge #7 Fantasy.jpg

    It is sheer pleasure piecing together a scene using two of her kits Lynne's kits with a country theme. As I am a country girl, I couldn't resist adding lots of animals and trees. To make this scene I started with a background paper that had some distance to it. From there I added elements...
  12. Challenge 7 Creative Photo Editing Mar 2022

    Challenge 7 Creative Photo Editing Mar 2022

    This pushed me a little Hooray! The background is paper 11 in pin light mode over paper 5 with paint 2 sandwiched between them. Lady in a Red Dress is blended with background in overlay mode. The line drawing is clipped to paint 2 as a mask. Paint is modified with the color burn blending...
  13. Challenge #7 Creative Photo Editing

    Challenge #7 Creative Photo Editing

    I combined two photographs - one of my granddaughter now and one of her 13 years ago. I titled the page "Emergence". I thought it was kind of an optical illusion, too - the "before" picture is placed right above her jeans with the knee out. LOL The patterned paper and elements are Anna...
  14. 22-03_O_March-2022-Challenge-#7--Creative-Photo-Editing


    March 2022 Challenge #7- Creative Photo Editing https://oscraps.com/community/threads/march-2022-challenge-7-creative-photo-editing.35086/
  15. challenge #7.jpg

    challenge #7.jpg

    I created a mask for eye photo then added the scene to the pupil to look like a reflection in the eye. At least that is what I was trying for. lol
  16. February-Fog


    February always brings lots of foggy days for us in February and this year it seems to be hanging around for an extra long time. I used the beautiful collection from Natalie Design "Dreams All In One". Fonts - Hello Homework and LW Spooky
  17. challenge 7- 2019-08-summer-beach-photo.jpg

    challenge 7- 2019-08-summer-beach-photo.jpg

  18. Feb Quote to WA Challenge 7.jpg

    Feb Quote to WA Challenge 7.jpg

    See challenge 7 for details
  19. Feb Quote to WA Challenge 7.jpg

    Feb Quote to WA Challenge 7.jpg

    Step 1- create a photo-mask by doubling/rotating and merging the paint in the kit. step 2 - apply photo-mask to the image step 3 - create cluster adding shadows of different depths and opacity step 4 - create WA and apply to page
  20. Life-After-50-Karen-Schulz.jpg


    Karen's templates made it so easy to create this LO. Simply fill each block then play with the embellishments until you like it. I placed the ellies over the frost plastic layer to add depth and interest. Fun, fun, fun!