challenge #7

  1. Chall #7

    Chall #7

    My layout for August Multi Photos Challenge: "Create a page using FIVE (5) photos that show a progression in activity"
  2. 23-08_O_August-Challenge-#7---MultiPhoto


    August Challenge #7 - MultiPhoto https://oscraps.com/community/threads/august-challenge-7-multiphoto.38040/
  3. and then there were 5

    and then there were 5

    August Challenge #7 - MultiPhoto
  4. Fearless


    For July Challenge #7 - Word Art Created using: 52 Inspirations 2023 no 28 Compromise by Foxeysquirrel Oscraps Challenge Freebie July 2023 Wordart by Rae Photographie Kit by Joanne Brisebois Photographie Element Pack by Joanne Brisebois Platalea Elements by Maya de Groot Platalea Artsy Papers...
  5. 2023 0207 Oh, what a beautiful morning.jpg

    2023 0207 Oh, what a beautiful morning.jpg

    The style layout with a large photo appealed to me, because we live on a beautiful piece of water and I regularly sit there with my camera waiting for 'my' birds to swim by. Here you see mother swan with her children; who ever thought that a cygnet would be ugly? Not me. The swans eat from my...
  6. Bouquet!


    For challenge #7, color palette I used Tulips 1 Flowers Elements hand drawn by Christine Paper comes from Summer Safari Digital Art Kit by Foxeysquirrel
  7. optical illusion

    optical illusion

    May Challenge #7 - Multiphotos
  8. May Challenge 7- multi photo.jpg

    May Challenge 7- multi photo.jpg

  9. Sometimes I wish...

    Sometimes I wish...

    Sometimes I wish I was a girl again, half wild and free. Back in time, when my worries consisted of getting dirty, climbing trees and discovering the world with uninhibited eyes. I miss the uninhibited spontaneity of my childhood, the joy I felt in discovering something new. Every day was an...
  10. spring beauty

    spring beauty

    April Challenge #7 Border Only
  11. Hello Spring

    Hello Spring

    For the border challenge #7 Made with the beautiful UNDER THE RAINBOW BUNDLE by reginafalango Photo comes from Unsplash
  12. Spring Blooms

    Spring Blooms

    April Challenge #7 Border Only
  13. March 52 Inspirations Challenge

    March 52 Inspirations Challenge

    Finally I could use that cute fox (from Fall in Love) from Fidlette Designs! I chose the girl from Owl Love you.
  14. A Bit of Wonderful

    A Bit of Wonderful

    An impromptu lunch invitation for Hot Dogs and Wine over an open fire turned out to be a day full of fun with Linda and Mark . After eye appointment and shopping at Costco, we enjoyed our Dogs and a glass wine and then had a lovely walk around the park where Mark lives. All products are...
  15. but first... coffee

    but first... coffee

    March Challenge #7 - 52 Inspirations
  16. 23-02_O_February-Challenge-#7---Quote-to-Word-Art


    February Challenge #7 - Quote to Word Art https://oscraps.com/community/media/categories/oscraps-cheery-os.150/add
  17. Challenge #7 Quote to Word Art.jpg

    Challenge #7 Quote to Word Art.jpg

  18. Challenge #7 - january 2023

    Challenge #7 - january 2023

    I'm looking for answers, a new way of living. The old wrings on all sides and no longer suffices. I'm tired of running, flying and always having to perform. To wake up dead tired after 8 hours of shallow and restless sleep. To be lived. Being trapped in the past, because my head keeps bringing...
  19. Mixed media Challenge #7.jpg

    Mixed media Challenge #7.jpg

    I started with Crafty Buttons Blank Canvas Background then coloured it. From there I took one of CB's bird ephemera and clipped it to one of my own masks made from various brushes. I used the blur filter Gaussian to smooth the image then duplicated and adjusted the opacity. From there I tucked...
  20. Stay Curious

    Stay Curious

    For the Artsy/Mixed Media Challenge #7 I used the fantastic Stay Curious: The Complete Mixed Media Collection by Rachel Jefferies Photo comes from Unsplash