#challenge 5

  1. The Beach

    The Beach

    Photo from Pixabay Kit used https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Enjoy-Sunny-Days-kit.html
  2. July Challenge Beach Theme

    July Challenge Beach Theme

    Just splashing around.
  3. Sea Habilitation

    Sea Habilitation

    Created For My : July 2022 : Occasions & Themes Challenge What's the best thing to do when it's hot like this in July? Get out of the city's heat and go hang out at the Beach of course! Cool off with a swim have some awesome ice cream or a cool drink! Go for a walk on the beach and listen and...
  4. Me & Dad

    Me & Dad

    Created For Personal Reasons : Also For The June 2022 : Challenge #5 : Heritage Layout Scrap Hopefully I did this challenge correctly...I'm not usually a heritage scrapper...I've dabbled a bit over the years & it was actually how I started My digiscrapping journey over 12 years ago now...I have...
  5. Creative technique

    Creative technique

    I wanted to use the Deep dreamed dancer in a lay out with a hexagon digital art i made! I searched for a purple kit and found this one from Jopke. I used 7 seven papers, some are unvisible now because of later blending I didn't like the too heavy contrast, so I blended some paper. still not...
  6. every day is the best day of your life

    every day is the best day of your life

    May Challenge # 5 - Creative Techniques
  7. Bright Positivity

    Bright Positivity

    Created For Challenge #5 : Creative Technique : Blending Multiple Papers To Create A Background Great! Challenge! Ona!...Awesome Layouts!...I'm sure most of you all know by now [or anyone who has ever visited my gallery...]...that blending is my favorite thing to do!...And It is always the back...
  8. Challenge #5.jpg

    Challenge #5.jpg

    Thanks for the tutorial. I now have a different way to blend papers to add to my skill set. This is the result. This photo of myself and 3 siblings was taken in 1954.
  9. This Life

    This Life

    Made for the April 2022 Challenge #5 - Template
  10. challenge 5

    challenge 5

    For the white space challenge Simpy by Natali design Thanks for looking