#challenge 2

  1. yourself


    February Challenge #2 - Mood Board
  2. never too late

    never too late

  3. Chall #2 White space

    Chall #2 White space

    I used a white background and 5 élements : 2 flowers, a wa, one brush and one of these fabulous clipping mask and frame
  4. White space and sun

    White space and sun

    Page realized with : " 52 inspirations 2021" collection
  5. Winter's Here

    Winter's Here

    I created this layout for the January Challenge #2 – White Space The Five Elements I Used: 2 Frames, Snowflake Scatter 01, Snowflake Scatter 02 (recolored), Single Snowflake 03 (recolored)
  6. story


  7. Simple Pleasures

    Simple Pleasures

    C&S created with Vicki Robinson and Foxeysquirrel to participate at the challenge 2 in september 2022.
  8. inspiration


    September Challenge #2 - White space / Clean
  9. Hello Fall

    Hello Fall

    Created for the September Challenge #2 – White Space / Clean
  10. challenge 2

    challenge 2

    I created this page for the September Challenge #2 - White space / Clean personal picture I used the brush from Fondness by ET design and i only used the frame (not the mask) from the urban threadz fotoblendz frames. thanks for looking
  11. Chall #2 - White space

    Chall #2 - White space

    Come and join me in the Monthly Challenge #~2 https://oscraps.com/community/threads/september-challenge-2-white-space-clean.36166/ You'll have to follow a short recipe, and to blend a photo in a brush
  12. Courage My Dear

    Courage My Dear

    Created For The August 2022 : Challenge #2 : 52 Inspirations : Beach Great! Challenge...Been wanting to use some of my 52 Inspirations stash...Me being me...I couldn't create a layout just about the beach...I always have to put my own personal spin & meaning in my layouts...I'm always all about...
  13. Challenge 2.jpg

    Challenge 2.jpg

    I started with papers from Karen Shultz and Joyful Hearts and blended them so that the movement of the top paper was lightened by the bottom one. I add the the clusters behind the top paper and the image behind the clusters. The effect gave a watery look to the page. At least that was the aim. :)
  14. Just Another Day in Paradise

    Just Another Day in Paradise

    For the August 2022 Challenge #2 – 52 Inspirations
  15. White Space Challenge

    White Space Challenge

    Join Madi in the White Space Challenge! White Space is not that hard for me but having to restrict the elements is a lot harde for me. I change the photo because the other one didn't work with this background.
  16. Just Be You

    Just Be You

    Clean & Simple challenge I have 1 each: Photo Foilage Flower Butterfly Paper cutout Wordart
  17. Pray For Peace

    Pray For Peace

    Created For The May 2022 : Color Palette Challenge : Blue/Yellow/Green : https://oscraps.com/community/threads/may-2022-challenge-2-color-palette.35473/post-626132 ***The most Wonderful! color palette!...Such powerful! & impactful! colors!...I knew exactly what kind of layout I was gonna...
  18. Good times

    Good times

    May Challenge #2 - Color palette
  19. Summer Awaits

    Summer Awaits

  20. Dance in a colourful field

    Dance in a colourful field

    April 2022 Challenge #2 - Mood Board 3. Tulips & general flower inspiration 4. Architectural (spaceship coming out of photo of spiral staircase) 7. Balloon flower & spaceship 11. Birds 12. Lavender