challenge #1

  1. Challenge 1

    Challenge 1

  2. Big sky

    Big sky

    I had fun & really want to try again. This is what I did now. I love the photo & it captured the vastness of the sky & the greatness of the person standing on the plane. I copied each part of the sketch on a separate layer & then I hope I kept to the spirit of the wonderful sketch. Though...
  3. Centred


    It’s almost a reflection. I’m having a bit of a hard time with being creative & this was the result of playing & didn’t think I’d be using this idea. I don’t use photoshop so I had to do it a little differently but both apps are similar in some ways. I’m having a hard time keeping it short...
  4. Post-processing.jpg


    Made for the Creative Technique challenge. I used the (for me ) new feature of Script pattern filling. First I defined a pattern of one the the Butterflies the I filled a layer with the script features. The Butterfly man is a combination of Matt Bellamy and an element of Anja's stunning kit.
  5. Captured


    June Challenge #1 - Big Photo
  6. Punk knows everything of digging holes

    Punk knows everything of digging holes

    Made for the Big Photo challenge. I took an oldie and made is full page. Blended some paper in and used the stamp filter to get some sand structure back. Also lighting effects and a shape layer (blended into background. I colored Karen overlay (clipped a color layer to it)