#chall 7

  1. Everything to us

    Everything to us

    C for the challenge "WhiteSpace"
  2. Christa's coffee !

    Christa's coffee !

    Created with : "52 inspirations 2023": Erin-MdeGroot-Lorie Davison-Lynn Grieveson_Vicki Stegall to create a page chosen from Christa's gallery and use coffee as the main theme. Pictures Unsplash & Pixabay
  3. Blue symphony for me

    Blue symphony for me

    Created with : "Vintage Backgrounds" & "Textures tranparencies" by Rachel Jefferies and "ArtsyKardz - Living Well" by Anna Aspsen and "Crisp Autumn" by Vicki Stegall and "Picture Perfect" by ETdesigns and "Journal Prompts 01" by Vicky Robinson
  4. Hindsight


    Created with Lynne Anzelc : "Timeless" & "Aging Beautifully collection". Image Pixabay
  5. First experience

    First experience

    Created with : "52 inspirations 2023 - JHD's paper "Shabby Whymsy"" and "52 inspirations 2016 - Vicki Stegall", pictures (modified) Pixabay
  6. Be strong, fearless and beautiful !

    Be strong, fearless and beautiful !

    Splendid WA offered by Oscraps for this challenge. Page created with "Darby" by Foxeysquirrel and "Artful Memories Summer" by Vicki Robinson.