1. AnnaColor: Lady Bird Lake

    AnnaColor: Lady Bird Lake

    I decided to do some art all about Austin, because I am moving at the end of the month. I am finally gonna be in the same state, city and even house as my favorite photographer. (He's a patient man.) Put my house on the market on Thursday, had 3 offers on Monday. But I will greatly miss Austin...
  2. Vintage Austin

    Vintage Austin

    Challenge 1 was a great excuse for me to use one of my vintage Austin post cards. I love designing with them and it was fun to add a floral border.
  3. Love Austin Style

    Love Austin Style

    Since it's February, the LOVE month...I'm showcasing street art found in and around Austin, Texas. The "i love you so much" is iconic graffiti on a local coffee house. Many, many locals and plenty of tourists used this as a backdrop for their engagement photos. Thanks for looking.