1. Exploring The Big City

    Exploring The Big City

    When I bought Anna's newest collection, I thought "This will be great to mix with Rachel's Riding The Rails .... and then Rachel's Mixed Media challenge for this month was a Designer Mash Up. Perfect!
  2. AnnaLIFT - XOXO Urban

    AnnaLIFT - XOXO Urban

  3. Summer 2023

    Summer 2023

    Combining Anna Aspnes & Rachel Jefferies.
  4. AnnaLift: Leave Me Alone

    AnnaLift: Leave Me Alone

  5. AnnaColor: Christmas Lights Sparkle

    AnnaColor: Christmas Lights Sparkle

  6. DAY 10: Sven And Hilma

    DAY 10: Sven And Hilma

  7. Frozen Dinner

    Frozen Dinner

  8. AnnaColor: Christmas Nostalgia

    AnnaColor: Christmas Nostalgia

  9. Twilight Zone

    Twilight Zone

  10. Sloppy Dead

    Sloppy Dead

  11. Pretty in Pink

    Pretty in Pink

    Pretty in Pink--Color Art Challenge
  12. happy talent

    happy talent

  13. play and make art

    play and make art