art journal challenge 2

  1. renew, reuse, let go

    renew, reuse, let go

    Art Journaling Challenge ~ JanWeek 2 I used a quote by Steve Maraboli as I reflect on the past year and hope to renew myself for the coming year. Fonts: Celine Dion Handwriting, Rub This and Underwood Typewriter
  2. Let Spring In!

    Let Spring In!

    For the Art Journaling - Monthly Challenges I used the fantastic Springtime Digital Art Kit by Foxeysquirrel
  3. Family reflections

    Family reflections

    Family is an essential part of our lives. It is where we learn our first words, take our first steps, and develop our values and beliefs. Our families are the people who shape us into the individuals we become, and they have a profound impact on our lives. The relationships we form with our...
  4. Eat in the evening

    Eat in the evening

    This is my page for the second art journal challenge of april. As you get it by now, I mostly focus on the journal part, and add some pretty art to it :) ---- (TRANSLATION of my journaling) When I think about food, I often feel torn between two emotions. On the one hand, there is the undeniable...
  5. March Art journaling Challenge #2

    March Art journaling Challenge #2

  6. February Art Journaling Challenge #2

    February Art Journaling Challenge #2

    I love the color purple, and the mood board for this challenge reminded me of sleepless nights, something I experience way too often.
  7. LA_ANobleDeed_P19.jpg


    Made for the Art journaling challenge Not exactly what I had in mind I enjoyed making collage of the scene stuff from Lynne. Not allowed to blend was very hard for me..
  8. Art Journal Challenge 2.

    Art Journal Challenge 2.

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